Sentai Girls Rambling: Mako (My Choice) vs. Jasmine (Mr. Smith) For The Title of "Hotter Than Any Super Sentai/Power Rangers Girl"

Aside from my opinion on Kimberly vs. Jasmine, another worthy contender is Mako herself.  So she's not in Mr. Smith's top five she's in the top ten.  So let's get started shall we?  These are two of my favorite heroines.  Mr. Smith has chosen Jasmine and on the other hand Mako is a worthy contender against Kimberly for me.  Again, it's no secret that both girls are in my list favorite Super Sentai girls not because they are not, but because they are overall likable characters.  Although as of late, I feel like neither Mako nor Jasmine is really that great as characters. =P

For Mako, what I find attractive about her are her really round eyes, she's really pretty with an angelic impression (pun intended on what Kotoha said about Mako, hehehehehe).  If she has any points higher than Kimberly (I can't name the face (I find Kimberly prettier than Mako) and skin tone too much, she's tan-skinned and I prefer fair-skinned girls), she's taller (she's 5'5) and sexier than Kimberly.  I always thought that her attractive appearance makes her to be well, liked for a lot of wrong reasons by mostly fanboys.  I would admit I was easily distracted by her while watching Shinkenger.  While she's on Mr. Smith's list of for the top ten, however she didn't make it to the top five.

Personality-wise, Mako can be looked at as a more mature Kimberly.  So she's handling children, something Kimberly wished for in the MMPR Fan Club video.  Like Kimberly, she also has a sweet personality but just watch out if you annoy her too much.  I mean, she is easily annoyed and won't hesitate to be blunt, or to fire a witty streak against your face.  Think she can be pretty mean when she's annoyed, so she's like a rose, attractive but watch out for the thorns.  I always thought that she might actually hang on by Takeru even when he's fixed or two, I think she would probably need him (and he needs her) if they ever become a couple.

As for Jasmine, well this is Mr. Smith's choice and I might discuss more about what I failed to discuss.  I always thought that perhaps Mr. Smith's choosing of Jasmine is because the very first Sentai he's seen from start to end is Dekaranger or maybe not.  I could be wrong but I feel like his inclination towards Jasmine might be caused by that fact.  Again, my first Super Sentai was Bioman but I don't ever rate Hikaru Katsuragi to be that hot and well, you know my choice is Kimberly Hart right?  Again, it's a matter of choice of his.  Jasmine as I said in due fairness, she is really hot in the Oriental way and her advantage over Mako is that she has fairer complexion.

Aside from her looks, Jasmine is a pretty sweet character with some sense of humor after she got over her bitter past.  What makes her great is that she's Dekaranger's team heart and she's a nice person overall.  Naming a lot of positives about her, it's easy to understand that her inner traits makes her a favorite of Mr. Smith as well.  In my case though, I still find myself preferring Mako over Jasmine.