Satirical News: Ed Boon Launches New Campaign "Mortal Kombat X: It's More Fun in the Philippines!"

As soon as the Mortal Kombat X game was released for the PS4 and XBox One, Ed Boon himself had sold the Mortal Kombat X: Philippine Edition pack exclusive to the Philippines.  When he read that the Philippines had the slowest Internet speed in ASEAN no thanks to data caps, he decided to create the new Philippine Edition that will be released on June 12, 2015.  Ed Boon has shown his sympathy for Filipino fans by releasing the campaign.

Mortal Kombat X now has at least 7,107 limited copies for online sale only (which features the Filipiniana costumes for all characters which includes Shinnok's new alternate outfit looking like Jejemon Bitay and Quan Chi's new alternate outfit looking like Bongbong Marcos) of the special box game.  Ed Boon has said, "Well indeed, David Guerrero has made the tagline 'It's More Fun in the Philippines' right?  It can work in promoting Mortal Kombat X to the Philippines.  This new edition will include the downloadable content we made for the Philippine Kombat Pack.  As I said, you can download opponents into the game, you can fight in the Anti-FLIPFAG tower, now I hope this game will really convince Filipinos something is wrong with their country.  Meanwhile, I will say my current favorite Tekken characters is B. Sibuyas and I will use him against FLIPFAG players.  Wow those FLIPFAGs are overreacting over Josie Rizal, I'll make them overreact all the more with the limited edition."

Ed Boon had also mentioned his plans for giving away free copies of Mortal Kombat X: Philippine Edition disks.  He said, "Well I am planning to give the disk especially to David Guerrero who keeps insisting it's more fun in the Philippines.  I hope that disk will teach him not to Twit nonsense to Netherrealm Studios' Twitter account.  At the same time, the Chinese government requested we give one free copy to President Nobita Aquino who is known to be addicted to video games.  They paid us the equivalent fee including shipment in order for it to happen."