Satirical News: Mortal Kombat X Includes New Mortal Kombat X Kombat Pack Philippine Edition!

After the creation of the character known as B. Sibuyas for Tekken, Ed Boon the man behind Mortal Kombat has created a new Philippine Edition Kombat Pack, which will be exclusive to the Philippines. After he heard about the plights of the Philippines, he has decided to create Mortal Kombat X Philippine Edition Download Pack exclusive for the Philippines.

Boon stated in an interview, "The Philippine download pack will be a unique experience for Filipino players. Knowing that the game will be released on April 14, 2015 EST, it would be April 15, 2015 on Philippine time. I hear how often their taxes are very unjustifiable in the Philippines. So I have created this new Download Pack called Kombat Pack: Philippine Edition! Instead of downloading playable characters, the game will allow you to download characters you hate right into your game who can be played as your opponents. This new feature gives you new opponents to fight in Arcade Mode and these characters will definitely give you the satisfaction of beating them up. Even better, you can perform a fatality on these NPCs."

What was revealed during the preview of the Philippine Edition Kombat Pack, the following stuff are written in detail:
  • The following characters are part of the downloadable NPCs that you can perform a fatality or brutality on when defeated:
    • Nobita Aquino
    • Kill Henares
    • Pink Lacson
    • Money Villar
    • Mar Roxas
    • Antonio Trillanes
    • Jejemon Bitay
    • Nancy Bitay
    • Junjun Bitay
    • Jose Butcher A-Bad
    • Getulio Napunas
    • Alan Impurisima
    • Etta Rosales
    • Liar Dilemma
    • Krisis Aquino
    • Stinky Soliman
    • Noli De Castro
    • Unggoy Estrada
    • Bongbong Marcos
    • Bum Aquino
    • David Guerrero
  • Evil Liu Kang is now included as a playable character. This version of Liu Kang is revealed to be bitter after he was overly taxed by Kill Henares.
  • A new mode called "Faction War Philippines" is available called "FLIPFAGs".
  • There is also the FLIPFAG Extermination Tower where President Nobita is the final boss.
  • Filipino costumes will be available as alternate outfits. The preview set showed Liu Kang wearing a Katipunero style outfit and Kung Lao wearing a Filipino-style hat, still complete with the razor edge.


  1. I Imagined that there will be modified stories which will include PH

    Characters. probably after MKX

    1. Krisis and Bimby have been outmatched By Johnny Cage's

    popularity.She attempts to kill him with STD related attacks after

    Johnny labeled her tactless & disrespectful but Cassie & Sonya(Cage's

    daughter and ex-wife) prevents it by killing her with Sonya's poison

    kiss(which she uses in MKDA) & Cassie's simple gun shot(as she cannot

    apply bubblegum to her due to her contagious nature.
    After Krisis' death, Bum Aquino is trying to violate Cage's ex-wife

    and daughter for killing his cousin but Jacqui(Jax's daughter) appears

    and smashes him into pieces.

    2. Kano recruits Filipinos after hearing their anger towards Kill

    Henares and gives them smuggled firearms(and they are at good quality)

    to kill her for overtaxing PH and being after the world. Now Black

    Dragon has become revolutionary organization.

    3. Kabal & Stryker have become vigilantes after being freed from Quan

    Chi's possession.They will exterminate Pinoy National Patola along

    with Purisima, Napenas & Lacson.

    4. Sektor teaches Stinky Soliman by Scarecrowing her in farmland for

    letting goods for Yolanda Survivors to rot.And pledges alliance with


    5. Shao Kahn gets out of Ermac to teach Nobita a lesson for being

    irresponsible ruler of The PH.

    6. Lin Kuei executes Binays, De Castro, Unggoy Estrada, Marcos,

    Dilemma, & Villar.

    7. Mileena kills Butcher A-Bad for misuse of Public Funds.

    8. Quan Chi tortures Etta Rosales to death with her severed leg for

    her oversensitivity as CHR Chairperson.

    Special: Scorpion burns Aquinotards, Kristards, Macoytards, Binaytards

    , Abias-CBN & the rest of bad political tards using his Toasty

    Fatality as they are more terrible than hell. He tortures them in

    Netherrealm to teach them lessons.

    Elder Gods never interfered and approved of their actions.


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