Satirical News: Namco Bandai Creates B. Sibuyas In Response to NCCA Philippines

Yes folks Tekken has a new character... that describes the problem of FLIFPAGs!

Katsuhiro Harada the current producer of Tekken was inflamed by angry comments by the National Center of Culture and Arts Philippines for the first Filipino character in Tekken called Josie Rizal.  Filipino-Chinese lessor Sean Kang and Dhathor Cuyos, two Tekken fans had filed the report to Namco Bandai against Gonzalo Campoanor II from UP Diliman.  They were berated by FLIPFAGs saying that the name Josie Rizal is a mockery of Jose Rizal.

What happened was Harada called such Pinoys who complained as "cry babies".  In response, Pinoy staff worker Mark Julio of Mad Catz decided to respond to this new upcoming character.  The new character is revealed to be B. Sibuyas, a purple onion shaped character.  Julio said, "In the past, Tekken 3 had Gon.  Tekken had a vast cast of sci-fi and supernatural characters, so I don't see any reason why B. Sibuyas should not be included."

Sean Kang and Dhathor Cuyos were both invited to go to Japan to test out the demo version of Tekken 7.  Both Filipinos who were Tekken players were allowed to comment on B. Sibuyas.  Cuyos mentioned that FLIPFAGs are indeed onion skinned people who love to put others in pain. Kang then mentioned that B. Sibuyas might as well be a downloadable character or face the game getting banned.  Kang and Cuyos were last seen enjoying the Tekken 7 demo. Kang meanwhile states that he is not in a hurry to buy a PS4 as he is still looking for a wife.

Ed Boon from Netherrealm Studios, a longtime Tekken fan said, "Well that's the problem with FLIPFAGs.  They love to make fun of others but when it backfires, they cry foul because as said, when you make fun of others, you are the dominating force.  FLIPFAGs think they dominate the world.  Meanwhile I am now creating a new downloadable content pack for Mortal Kombat X called 'Philippine Edition' where angry Filipinos may download Kill Henares, Nobita Aquino, Alan Impurisma and Getulio Napunas as downloadable now-playable characters."

Criminals Have Rights Konsomisyoner Etta Rosales, Bobo Muna Representive Neri Cuckonares have filed to ban Tekken 7 from ever entering the Philippines in response to B. Sibuyas' creation.  Representative Cuckonares filed a bill to ban Tekken 7 from entering the Philippines.  Migraine International Chairman, Garry Martinez said in Tagalog, "We cannot allow this shame to happen to make fun of us Filipinos!"  However President Nobita had pre-ordered Tekken 7 while he plans to ban Mortal Kombat X for making him a downloadable opponent to kill.