Rambling On My Choice Vs. Mr. Smith's Choice On Who's Hotter Than Any Super Sentai/Power Rangers Lady!

Well Mr. Smith is a white American guy and I am an Oriental guy (Chinese by descent), I thought of this event.  I still remembered an old post by Mr. Smith where he in a friendly way, begs to differ over my opinion on Kimberly.  In a later post, he picks Jasmine.  Now I wish me and Mr. Smith can do some exchange of opinions every now and then.  Just a fun post so I won't post it on anything but my personal blog...

On Kimberly Hart, it's probably me as a Chinese guy having some attraction towards white girls and yes she is attractive.  Yup, I have noticed how I've been in denial I prefer white girls over Oriental girls appearance-wise.  In my case, I find myself liking pretty brunette girls including my most current love interest.  I thought Mr. Smith prefers Maya over her, I beg to differ for very personal reasons.  While she's in Mr. Smith's list, she's definitely not on top and he thinks she's overrated which I agree.  But his statement that said sorry, nah.  I still can't agree with him for my personal reasons.

What do I find attractive about Kimberly?  I would admit her nice brown hair, round eyes, pretty face, she's got fair skin, she's really sexy... in fact I still find her more attractive than Mei.  Personality-wise, she is sweet but just watch out if you irritate her, she's awfully blunt and won't hesitate to fire on your face that you're annoying.  While I find Zyuranger better than Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers (okay remember I am biased), I like Kimberly better than Mei but I have no clear solid stand on that.  Now Mei is certainly a better fighter and more determined, but somehow Kimberly feels more like my ideal date over Mei.  I mean, my admiration of her made me hate that stupid Dear John letter which was nothing more than a F*CK YOU note to the actress.

On the other hand, I can also talk about Mr. Smith's choice and I respect his pick over Jasmine.  Now he's a white man choosing a Japanese lady for the title.  So I'm a Chinese guy choosing a white girl for the title and Mr. Smith is a white man choosing Jasmine for the title.  I could understand somewhat considering that Jasmine is really very hot, in the Japanese way.  In a way, one may also take a good look at Jasmine's hotness level for me, really is a worthy competitor against Kimberly's beauty.  While Mei for me barely stands a chance appearance-wise (for me anyway), Jasmine is among the girls who can stand that chance appearance-wise.

What do I find attractive about Jasmine?  I will admit she's one reason why I returned to watching Super Sentai after I supposedly called it quits.  I cannot deny that she has nice skin quality, pretty face and sexy body (I find her sexier than Kimberly) and she is taller than Kimberly (which is another advantage for her anyway but at a short distance, Kimberly is 5'2 and she is 5'3 but not too much of a difference).  Maybe what makes me not like her so much is that, well I prefer round eyed girls like Mako in Shinkenger.  Dekaranger makes her the eye candy of the show that it was so hard for me to concentrate to an otherwise awesome show.  For personality, Jasmine is sweet and reserved, she's a likable character with a troubled past.  While she's calm and collected, her past wasn't really nice as she contemplated suicide until Doggie Kruger found her.  She's an ESP who cannot control her powers so she wears gloves all the time.  As far as personality is concerned, Jasmine is sweeter.

Again, these are just a matter of opinions okay?