The Unique Cebuano Lechon Experience!

Lechon is the Filipino version of roast pig.  Now remember eating lechon isn't always more fun in the Philippines but it can be certainly fun if you know the right place to pick some lechon.  I would suggest that lechon from Cebu will definitely be a hit.  One can think of how Cebuano lechon has that unique Cebuano experience.  Now I'm not going to say it's the best roasted pig in the world but it's definitely worth getting the Cebuano experience!

Now I'd like to talk about some experiences of lechon in Cebu City that you can find:

CnT Lechon is one of the best lechon in Cebu.

Its main branch is located in Guadalupe but you may also taste it in some malls' fast food eateries.  It has the unique taste of Cebuano lechon.  Its tagline is "The Test of Cebuano" and it is one of the best ways to get the taste of the unique Cebuano lechon.  The tagline is kept simple as it is and the taste testifies way better than its tagline.  It definitely convinced some of my relatives from Manila that Cebu's lechon really stands out.   The restaurants usually give you a reasonable size for the lechon.  You can also their whole lechon but do order ahead since it does take preparation to make its quality lechon.  Some call it the best lechon in Cebu and it's not hard to understand why.  Even if if I think otherwise and say it's one of the best but not the best (believe me, my rankings change but I still love their lechon) but its taste makes it worthy of its title given by testimonial.

Another lechon worth your time is Alejo's Lechon.  

This is another delicious lechon outlet.  My American relatives also love Alejo's Lechon aside from CnT Lechon.  This is another lechon that has been worth a try.  It is also another worth it trip aside from CnT.  Each taste may vary to his or her own but I recommend trying them both.  

Rico's Lechon will offer the spicy alternative for SPICY FOOD LOVERS.  Now if you are not a spicy food lover, you might as well avoid the spicy lechon and go for regular lechon.  Spicy lechon in itself is a delicious way to spice up your life.

Another tasty alternative is "boneless lechon".... and it is for me, tastier than lechon.

It is roasted from the belly of the pig which is infused with a lot of spices.  Cebu's Original Boneless Lechon is a tasty alternative to your regular lechon.  Now some people like regular lechon over lechon belly but it won't hurt to try to taste them and critique them for their merits.  This lechon belly also comes with regular and spicy which gives again, more tasty alternatives.

So what are you waiting for?  Get the Cebu's Lechon experience!