A Rather Stupid View of Nationalism for Filipinos

People tend to abuse the word nationalism.  Well it can be true for anyone.  Here are some ways of how to be "truly nationalistic" (and I'm BEING sarcastic here A LOT) as a good Filipino regardless of ethnicity:

1.) Promote Little Miss Late in the punctuality system.  Argue with others that it's Filipino culture and that they're not Filipino if they're not practicing the Little Miss Late system.  Always be late, never be early and accuse tho who are angry for being impatient.  After all, is it any wonder why your boss wants to "promote" you?  Also this includes the procrastination system where putting off what can be done NOW for MUCH LATER.  Patience is a virtue BUT like everything else, patience has its limits!

2.) Colonial mentality especially if it's from America.  Otherwise known as the American superiority mentality.  Yeah ignore the other types of imported products.  Patronize American rips over the real thing is also very good sign you're truly Filipino.  Me?  I'd rather watch the original most of the time.  It's a sad reality that many Filipinos are too easy to control by American superiority mentality!  Sell imported junk and you're the boss over some dumb Filipinos who are enslaved by such stupidity.  Smart ones of any race will avoid it!

3.) Never learn to save money.  Get drunk right after you get your salary.  Buy all the expensive stuff for status symbol purposes.  After all, that's what most Filipino laborers do right?  Isn't it any wonder why the housewife is "so proud" of her "hardworking" husband?  Not at all.  Man I love to raise up this issue!  And another "solution" to the problem is to find a rich partner.  Once you get married to a rich partner, you can doze off and not work and be a bad housewife instead of a homemaker.  Be a bad housewife who doesn't do any housework.  Be a lazy bum of a husband where the wife and not the husband is working.  Another good way is to raise a lazy kin who never works.

4.) If you work for the public transportation sector, be choosy with who rides in your taxi/jeepney.  Don't let them ride if it's not a white guy or the president of the Philippines or the ruler of another country.  Then if you happen to get one of those, turn them around to get a huge profit- just hope it's not a dictator from another country.  Well I admit, they don't know how to count their money that EVERY NEW PASSENGER is another source of income!

5.) Maintain the Spanish el hombre attitude.  No wonder Filipino TV is so bad these days!  In fact, Spanish arrogance is one of the things I hate about contemporary Filipino TV.  Ahhh!  I have to admit that 300 years of Spanish colonization caused many Filipinos to carry stupidity which wasn't supposed to be!  This also has hit not only bosses but also mere subordinates.

6.) Always borrow a lot of money and never return it.  It's always the reason why many investors just LOVE the country!  Is it any wonder why MANY Filipino women get the proud reputation of being mistresses to their own fellow Filipinos (Fil-Chinese, Fil-Ams, Fil-Spanish and a few rich Pinoys of competence) just to get a quick buck because they're so materialistic.

7.) Never do your work seriously.  Always do your personal necessities at work.  Oh yeah, forget the line, let's keep applying our make up, do Facebook, dance stupidly and then shout, "Can't you wait!" when your supervisor comes or when people complain about how "competent" you are.  Is it any wonder why government offices become the best layoff point?

8.) Make traffic and weather always the excuse even when it's sunny and it's not even busy.  Is it any wonder why your punctuality chart is "so good"?  Is it any wonder why the foreign investor can't wait to "accept" your proposals or your teacher is "awarding" you?

9.) Never mind the English, let's dub everything to Tagalog.  Is it any wonder why the English of the contemporary Filipino child is "so good"?  To be honest, I don't care if Tokusatsu, J-Drama, Chinese drama is dubbed in Tagalog NEVER the American shows!  I've heard a lot of Filipino women who become third parties to foreign men and speak VERY "GOOD" English.

10.) I forgot sponsor the "Cinderella Mentality".  Never mind if the person is a crook (ex. druglord, smuggler, holdupper), a womanizer, etc. as long as they are WEALTHY!  Oh, isnt' it a formula for a "good marriage" all just driven on MONEY?  These people are so lazy.  Oh the boys can do it too- get a rich wife and never work!  Isn't the wife supposed to be the ONE doing work at home and getting paid for it and not dozing all day?!

11.) Listen more to intrigues from the mouth of people like Kris Aquino or Mo Twisted than the real news.  Is it any wonder why Rhian Ramos Howell got deceived and later got pissed off?!  I hope she's learned her lesson!  Also this is why nonsense aswang stories circulate so much I guess if you introduce them to Super Sentai, they'll be fooled by the obviously fake monsters!

12.) Learn the Filipino way of being respectful like ducking under two people that are talking, do karaoke or any noisy activity during late hours while complaining if people do the same and purposely pay your bills late.  Oh never forget joking at people when they are already angry like saying "Just put sugar." when they complain that they're in a bitter situation.

13.) If you're a girl, it's good to easily change boyfriends.  Never mind dignity, you got to have a guy.  Bleh!

14.) Be a parasite and take the credit for work you didn't do.

BWAHAHAHAHA!  We hope you enjoy this journey to national decay... not just the Philippines but any country will die from this kind of mindset!  Seriously, all these has to go away!  Proud to be Pinoy still?  Not if all these keep going!


  1. Nice blog you have!!!!!! I'm so appreciated for your ideas,being a critic of this freaking society of us.In my blog I mix bout Tokusatsu and some realities about our society.Nice and I found this one.

    1. Thanks for your reply. Well I got to admit that improvement is not hopeless.


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