Is the Philippines that NEVER READY for the Important Stuff?

Perhaps another mark of being a "true Filipino" and I'm being sarcastic whenever I say that is the vice of actually never being ready for disasters.  Just looking at the Hong Kong hostage incident can really bring a LOT of negative stereotypes against the Filipino people.  Not all Filipinos are dumb and lazy but MANY are and they choose to.  In fact I believe stupidity is a choice.  Maybe a person has a low IQ like Natsuki Mamiya or Eri or spacey but stupidity is for people who think they are smarter than everyone else.  Actually I could care less about those who are "idiots" but the Philippines a country that has the potential to be a smart nation chooses to be stupid by its never being ready.

As said, there's always the unanticipated.  True.  And that hostage crisis proved to be so.  Disasters are another.  Now I could compare Japan's tsunami vs. the typhoons that hit the Philippines.  One storm after the other, the teams were not so ready.  Well, even the people are not ready.  They were already told to evacuate but no, they just don't listen do they?  It's something to think about that the Philippines is never ready in its current status.  Why?  They've all been put under the influence of Little Miss who's always late.

But if there was anything most Filipinos are on time and is ready for is FIESTA and American superiority mentality.  I guess many of them still think it's World War II huh?  In fact, then where is the ASEAN spirit now?