Bullying Your Competitor Anyone?

While it's definitely the desire of every business is to become successful and have its competitive advantage.  However some have stepped away from professional competition to bullying which for those who watch Spongebob- the angle of Mr. Krabs and Plankton in how they compete but at a rather ridiculous gap.  Like how?  The bullying can happen in hacking the rival organization's operation management secret (which can include a secret recipe or ingredient being stolen by the rival network a la Chum Bucket) in every area known to the book and to the current state and to spread foul information.  Well for an actor/actress to move to a rival network can't be considered pirating if it was their free will, however one has to realize that bullying is no longer professional when one recruits people through deceit.  Most of the competitor bullying happens in the most advanced areas of any nation, developed or underdeveloped but seems to be more prevalent in an underdeveloped nation.

Why is it my opinion that it usually happens in an underdeveloped nation?  It's plain and simple- many people in an underdeveloped nation (or developing as it's written in the business books) are quite simpletons.  The Philippines for example is usually filled with people regardless of ethnicity to be easily swayed away by propaganda done by dirty foreigners because of colonial mentality.  The same could be happening between ABS-CBN and GMA like when ABS-CBN tried to sue GMA for making the comedy "Marinara" (a pun of their show Marina which is pretty stale) for "copying".  How childish really and to think that the F4 and 5566 boybands didn't sue TV5 for putting them in various parody.  Also, the current Mo Twisted to Rhian Ramos Howell case should involve TV5 and GMA, not ABS-CBN.  Right now, it seems malicious rumors are spread about what can't be easily proven or isn't even true.

Crocodile tears become a very convincing weapon when played right.  As said, Sun Tzu the master of the art of war stated in his treatise, "All warfare is based on deception."  That concept indeed was used here in bullying the competitor.  After all, how did Mao Zedong rally people for Communism's rise in China?  By deception!  Mao Zedong was in fact, one of the greatest masters of the Art of War and it was through deceit and lies that he won.  Sun Tzu's strategies taken, Mao Zedong managed to conquer China and transform a group of youngsters into an army of blindly loyal followers of his.  The same happens in business with spreading malicious lies, spreading one's fault to the others and by taking advantage of blindly loyal followers.