What I Think of Liu Kang's Gameplay Preview in Mortal Kombat X

Quite understandable that 25 years has passed, so Liu Kang (or at least another version of him) would be older which kind of made me want to think, "Doesn't the Mortal Kombat champion not age until the next tournament?"  But in spite of his gray hair, his features look pretty young for the rest of his body unlike Kung Lao's human form.  So I was thinking of the three variations namely Dualist, Flame Fist and Dragon Fire.

So what am I thinking?  Dragon Fire is the most familiar for Liu Kang players.  Flame Fist will allow Liu Kang to do a huge multiple punch move and charge up his fists (too bad, no Shoryuken type move).  In Dualist, he displays his inner demons but subtly as he goes from dark to light, to which is a subtle reference to Ryu having the alter ego as Evil Ryu in the Street Fighter series.  I think the Dualist would be a tougher mode to master when going "Evil" means trying to master how to launch those bombs he would use.  By my gameplay style, I might like to use Fire Fist.

On the other hand, I wonder if the game will have this awesome costume available for Liu Kang as well as all the dead characters returning...

That is Liu Kang as a Phantom Warrior.  The Shaolin trailer revealed Kung Lao, Liu Kang and Sub-Zero as zombified versions of themselves (I hope they explain how the current Sub-Zero is back to becoming human).  I would like to see this version of Liu Kang that's full of rage.  I hope they create another playable called "Evil Liu Kang" complete with moves as an undead character.