What President Nobita Aquino and Senator Bongbong Marcos Have in Common

Like it or not, Aquinotards and Marcostards must accept it that President Nobita and Senator Bongbong have some things in common.  Here they are:

Both are named after their deceased fathers 

Even if President Nobita is Benigno Simeon Cojuangco Aquino III and Senator Bongbong is Ferdinand Romualdez Marcos Jr., you cannot deny they are still named after their late fathers.

Both are the only sons of their parents

President Nobita is the only son while having four sisters.  Bongbong is the only son while having three sisters.

They both have sisters with love life problems

Even if Imee Marcos is the eldest and Kris Aquino is the youngest, both of them had a habit of rebelling against their parents whenever they were in favor of a certain suitor.  Both of their sisters also have a child in show business - Imee's son Borgy Manotoc and Kris Aquino's son Bimby Aquino Yap.

Both are incompetent spoiled brats riding on their fathers' legacies

Senator Bongbong was born with a silver spoon and spent most of the martial law years in his father's care.  President Nobita was also born to his wealthy deceased parents Ninoy and Cory.  Senator Bongbong always mentions of his father's "greatness" and so does President Nobita.

Both are the patrons of their respective retarded followers

Aquinotards support President Nobita to no end and accuse anyone of not supporting President Nobita to be favoring Bongbong when there are other alternatives available.  Likewise Marcostards support Senator Bongbong to no end and accuse anyone of not supporting their candidate to be favoring Nobita when there are other alternatives available.

Both like to play the blame game

Senator Bongbong blames Aquinos, President Nobita blames Marcoses.  In President Nobita's case, he's always been blaming others and he has the habit of blaming Gloria.  If Senator Bongbong becomes the next president dictator of the Philippines, expect him to use President Nobita as his scapegoat.


  1. Just let them kill each other, geez... -_-

    Oh, and I bet they have watched a lot of teleseryes that their fight will involve a lot of face-slapping and hair-pulling. XD


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