My Assumed Holders of The Title of "Hotter Than Any Super Sentai/Power Rangers" Girl As Picked By Super Sentai/Power Rangers Fans

Beauty can be in the eyes of the beholder and here's the possible choices, biased or not.  In my case, I'll present my choices as well.  But here are a few who I believe got picked for the title of "Hotter Than Any Super Sentai/Power Rangers Girl" by fandom.

Lin of Dairanger 

I would admit she is really, really pretty.  So okay I do find Kimberly hotter than she is but, she is still hot nonetheless.  I would admit that the swimsuit episode really is a serious distraction to the viewers.  I think she's hot enough to distract Skull Skullovitch but good thing they never met.  Skull would have been beaten up by her.  For me, she is really a worthy contender for the title "Hotter Than Any Super Sentai/Power Rangers".  Even her unnamed granddaughter was hot as her.

Kimberly Hart of Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers

Well she's not my first Tokusatsu crush (mine was Hikaru Katsuragi/Pink Five of Bioman) and for some, she was the first 90s crush.  I would admit that while I did have my hots on Japanese girls but I found myself more attracted to white girls.  Yes, Kimberly Hart became my choice for "Hotter Than Any Super Sentai/Power Rangers".  For some reason based on my personal preferences anyway, she's been my top pick for a LONG time, maybe even until now.  So what's my point?  It's not hard to figure out why she got that popular to the point of being overrated.  I also thought even if I do like Zyuranger better than MMPR, but I like Kimberly over Mei for stupid reasons.  Hehehehehehe!  Maybe some purists would deny she was part of their childhood. 3:)

Chisato Jougasaki from Megaranger

I would consider Chisato should be a worthy candidate herself.  I think she's even miles above Ashley's appearance.  If you see the episode of her in a bikini, you'll find her really, really hot.  Also, you might consider that she's indeed the hottest school in Megaranger.

Nanami Nono of Hurricanger

Well where do I begin?  Maybe she was every last decade Sentai child fan's first crush.  I would really agree with people who find her hotter than her Ninja Storm counterpart Tori Hanson.  I would admit that she really, really hot character.

Ranru Itsuki of Abaranger

After watching Abaranger, I would admit that Ranru herself is really a distraction and it's not hard to figure out why Yatsudenwani developed a crush on her.  So she's not even fashionable but her hotness stands out, even when she's not having so many makeovers.  I think she's miles above Kira Ford in appearance as well.

Marika Reimon/Jasmine of Dekaranger

Mr. Smith's choice for the title holder of "Hotter Than Any Super Sentai/Power Rangers" goes to Jasmine which I don't have a hard time comprehending over his choice against mine who is Kimberly Hart.  I would admit I do also like chinky eyed beauties and Jasmine happens to be in that list.  At the same time, Jasmine became my stupid reason to return to watching Super Sentai after I took a break from it.  Much about Jasmine was really so appealing to the eyes.  She's one of a kind Oriental beauty to the point that some silly friend of mine almost committed suicide over her (it failed due to his failure to load his gun with a bullet) and I would admit, she's a major distraction when you watch Dekaranger.  Heck, some stupid peers of mine hate SPD and love Dekaranger only because of her!

Sakura Nishihori of Boukenger

For Sakura, I would admit I do find her pretty but I don't think she's that high a contender for the title.  But still, there are probably some fanboy who like this rat-like beauty.  I would admit I did find her pretty in Boukenger but her ears and teeth well, really, really make her look funny. =P

Mako Shiraishi of Shinkenger

Fan reaction to her is really, really high and mostly for pitiful reasons, which I think the character won't hesitate to fire at their faces.  Moving on, the character gets too much reception never mind that no character is perfect right?  I will admit that when I first saw Mako, I would admit she is really very hot and she can be considered overrated in the looks department.  While Mr. Smith thinks Jasmine is better than her.  Me and Mr. Smith have put her in the top then, in my case she is really a huge contender of the title  "Hotter Than Any Super Sentai/Power Rangers".  While Kotoha isn't underrated, Mako can certainly be considered overrated.  I would admit she seems like another version of Kimberly appearance-wise for me but a hotter version.  Now why am I compelled to think Rin Takanashi's mom is white?