The Henshin Con: Way More Reasonably Priced Than The One Direction Event!

Although I regret not being able to go to the Henshin Convention thanks to real life circumstances (I will admit that Red mask and Five Blue are my favorite rangers in their respective shows), but here's what I thought of the practicality between the two events.

One Direction's CONCERT tickets were just too expensive and besides, it's just a concert compared to the Henshin Con.  The Henshin Con offers meals and seating for PHP 1,000.00 and PHP 2,500.00 respectively.  If I were to talk about my choice if I had the time, I would go to the Launch Party which prices are lower which is practical because of the principle of utility.

For example, if I spent PHP 1,150 on a standing ovation, it would be really stupid compared to if I spent PHP 1,000.00 which has a MEAL and seating.  It would be practical when I think of the following... I would have WAY more pocket money than if I spent it all on a One Direction ticket.  Also a VIP ticket worth PHP 2,500 with a meal, VIP seating, autograph AND photo opportunity is far better than the One Direction concert.  If I bought the VIP ticket of Henshin Con, I would still have PHP 15,450 worth of pocket money to which I could go around shopping or buy stuff at the convention.  It's more practical to be at the Henshin Convention party because there will be more shopping opportunities later.

When I think if I went to the Henshin Con (which I didn't due to my tight schedules... boo) over One Direction, I may have the chance to relive my childhood with my two favorite rangers, I may have the time to meet "outcasts" such as myself (who are laughed at for being adult Toku fans) and I may have more than an hour to savor the nostalgia over One Direction's rather short concert.