Why Blaming Power Rangers Instead of the TV Stations For Super Sentai Not Returning to the Philippines Is Stupid!

Some Super Sentai purists or better called Super Sentai retards (or Sentards) from the Philippines have the habit of blaming Power Rangers to why Super Sentai isn't airing in the Philippines (which is fine for me, never mind I had to rewatch Maskman and Bioman with subs due to all the BAD DUBS).  Again, I couldn't get over how the Filipino Sentards are always saying stuff like, "Power Rangers ruins the chances of Super Sentai returning to the Philippines."

Let me get this straight that I am a former Super Sentai purist (who had a hatred for Power Rangers after learning about Zyuranger) and later, I realized that Power Rangers IS part of Toei.  Whether you like it or not, even if Saban sticks "Saban's" to Power Rangers, Toei was always part of the production in the sense, Saban has the RIGHTS to produce Power Rangers out from whatever resources Toei gives them.  So as of late, I don't like the current direction of Power Rangers (from post-Ninja Storm up to Neo-Saban) but I don't hate it.  I don't even like the current direction of Super Sentai.  In my case, I can go neutral on Power Rangers but I am most likely not to hate it.

Instead of blaming Power Rangers, they should blame the TV networks instead.  If you ask me, a TV station can choose to air Super Sentai AND Power Rangers if they want to.  ABiaS-CBN when it aired Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers instead of Kyoryu Sentai Zyuranger was their choice and NOT Saban's.  I mean, they could have chosen to air Zyuranger and MMPR if they wanted to.  The blame should go to the TV stations who are so obsessed with American TV programming.  While Power Rangers can't be bootleg or as said, Toei would have sued Saban into oblivion years ago, the TV stations are to blame.  While I do watch American TV programming but seriously, the TV stations do need to diversify their foreign programming and not just American programming.

Also the claim that Power Rangers has stolen the entire image of Super Sentai, discrediting it and sucking its life force is not true.  While Power Rangers cannot exist without Super Sentai, it is NOT a parasite because it does not suck the lifeblood of Toei.  Toei benefits from Power Rangers in this sense - Saban must pay royalties to Toei or he cannot continue with Power Rangers.  A TV network has its choice to air Super Sentai or Power Rangers, so again blame the TV stations.

Meanwhile, I am pretty much fine without Super Sentai airing on TV... I hate the bad dubs anyway and Eiji's dub in Kamen Rider OOO is SUPER DUPER HORRIBLE!