Satirical News: Migraine International's Plan to Screen "The Plor Kontemplasyon Story" in 3D is A FAILURE!

Yup the 3D version of the film was SO HORRIBLE... 

In honor of Plor Kontemplasyon's 20th death anniversary this year, Migraine International had released the Plor Kontemplasyon film as promised (during the Edz Ello incident) but the result was a failure.  The Plor Kontemplasyon movie was screened by Migraine International to "raise awareness" of the "plight of Plor Kontemplasyon".  Migraine International Chairman, Garry Martinez had said, "This is the greatest moment yet.  20 years has passed since our heroine Plor Kontemplasyon was slain in Singapore.  She was innocent and a patriotic woman and Delia Maga was indeed a victim of foul play.  We have placed subtitles to induce guilt to the Singaporeans who had wrongfully executed."

The whole film was screened last June 7, 1995 which was months after the execution of Plor Kontemplasyon.  A Chinese film critic named Liu Jianhua had arrived to examine the film and even before the film could reach its half, he suffered seizures.  China has banned the film from entering their country as a result.  Chinese officials have not agreed to accept it.

Decent Pinoys who watched the film to criticize it vomited while watching the film.  The film was considered incredibly horrible not only by foreign critics but by some Filipino critics who called it a really stupid film that should have never been made.  Some decent Pinoys had a brain injury as a result.

The result had also reached Japan as a result.  Kazunori Inaba who is coming to the Philippines and remembered by Filipino fans as Takeru/Red Mask in Maskman spat out his coffee on their TV set.  During that time, Jienna of the Kamen Rider Girls (who is half-Filipino) and Sayaka Akimoto (who is also half-Filipino) ridiculed the film's quality as overly stupid and not worth entering into the international film festival.

Meanwhile FLIPFAGs continued to enjoy the film in spite of poor quality.  Chairman Martinez of Migraine International declared that the film will be promoted abroad in honor of Pinoy Pride.  He was supported by other members of Migraine International to promote the film abroad and force the film to enter into Singapore and other countries.  "I will make sure the film enters into Singapore.  That way, they will issue an apology for mistreating Filipinos here and there.  But not only Singapore but also China where the three drug mules were executed." said Chairman Martinez who expressed pride in his work.