My Reaction To Liu Kang's Return in Mortal Kombat X!

Looking at the trailer, YES, YES and SUPER YES that my favorite character, Liu Kang has returned.  I mean, I was pissed off with this scene in Deadly Alliance where he was killed.  Then it introduced a darker, more twisted version of Liu Kang in Mortal Kombat Deception.  Liu Kang's body is fueled by revenge while his spirit seeks to stop his evil side.  In Mortal Kombat X, Liu Kang looks like he's fighting his inner demons.  It feels like Mortal Kombat is now copying Ryu's problem of becoming Evil Ryu into... Liu Kang himself!

Liu Kang in the trailer looks like he's got the Satsui No Hadou in him.  If you remember Mortal Kombat 2011, the heroes save for Johnny Cage and Sonya Blade were killed in the story mode.  Liu Kang ended up fighting Raiden out of foolish rashness.. which caused him to be electrocuted.  I mean, come on, why fight the god of thunder.  So my WMG was that Liu Kang would become part of Shinnok's Army... and yes I was right.  In the video, Liu Kang and Kung Lao who are the series Ryu and Ken, now appear as evil versions of themselves.  However I feel like Liu Kang has the Satsui No Hadou within him like Evil Ryu.  Heck, even the trailer shows him doing a Hadoken-like motion... and it feels like an entire shout out to Ryu!  

Based on the trailer, he's angry with Raiden and I don't freaking blame him.  After all, didn't Raiden bungle things up during the last game?  I would feel the same if I were him.  Glad to know I have a character I can relate to again.  Besides, Liu Kang's fatality here feels like what I wanted to do to some person that gravely offended me way back with his insulting attitude.  As of current, like Liu Kang I am at utmost war with myself as well.
Get the game?

I personally almost wanted to drop the idea of buying the game if Liu Kang wasn't there.  Liu Kang like Ryu is my favorite character.  I would say that Liu Kang is in and I'll probably get the Komplete Edition if there will ever be.  On the other hand, I can live without Tanya, Jason or Predator.  But I definitely am a Liu Kang fanboy.  Now I think I'm having some squeamishness again as part of my inner conflict.  

The gameplay modifies the concept called Brutality which is now a combo ender rather than a move that can only be done if "FINISH HIM/HER" appears.  It must be done as part of a combo and when the opponent's life bar is blinking.  So pretty much like the Ultra Combo/Ultimate Combo in Killer Instinct but much less hits but more blood.  It might force one to try and come up with a impressive Brutality like string several combos then finish it with a Brutality.  I would like to see how it's going to help.

I would also hope the game has more content ahem kontent than it started.  Looks like I'll buy the game assuming that I do get more excess cash or time to play the game.  Meanwhile, I'm trying to focus on fighting my inner demons as well.