Insane Rant: How I Was Dealing With the After-Effect of Power Rangers Megaforce on Me!

Megaforce 40
Don't look so happy, you Megaforce Rangers may have even Mega-Hurt the Power Rangers fans!

A bad show is a bad show and I'll admit that Kyoryuger and Megaforce were two shows that really SENT me to the dumps.  And ToQGer while it's not entirely bad for me, I just felt like Yasuko Kobayashi had just burnt out or refused to write a good story due to Toei's current management system.  Moving on, the whole season burned me out and...

Megaforce 40
This scene is just totally WTF considering they didn't get ANY plot development!  Then we'll see these guys dating and you'll probably see Daigo and Amy from Kyoryuger with them!

I will admit this... Megaforce's super stupid ending makes Judd Lynn's finales and Toshiki Inoue's finales LOOK DECENT though nothing is worse than Ryuki's ending that came out as a result of executive meddling.  Yes, I know Judd Lynn's endings are mostly rushed like Ransik's sudden redemption or how Trakeena was dealt with at Lost Galaxy's ending is just dumb.  But Megaforce's ending is just stupid.  After the legendary battle, you just get the dumbest finale.  Yes, Jake gets his kiss from Gia after spending most of the time just annoying her.  Then later, you have to admit that no goodbyes, no whatsoever... no wrap up!  ToQGer's horrible finale looks way better even if Emperor Zed ends up in a coma like the Orphnoch King did in Kamen Rider Faiz!

So what did I do to recover from all the stupidity?  It's simple.. had some rewatching of certain shows for certain reasons!

Not a huge Kotoha fan and more of a Mako fan but still... Kotoha was part of my therapy!

Everything started with a decent fix of Samurai Sentai Shinkenger, a show that's got four times the eye candy (it's just the BONUS) AND valuable content that Power Rangers Megaforce will never have.  Well you know the whole guilt trip of me liking Mako and to a lesser extent, Kotoha.  Kotoha is a lively school girl samurai and Mako is the big sister figure.  For me, Mako is MILES ABOVE Gia and Emma inside out.  So far, Shinkenger for me inadvertently returns me back to my childhood then back to the present whenever I watch it!

Guilty pleasure restored for now...

Rewatching MMPR Season One (and yes, I do end up having the tendency to treat MMPR ended at episode 40) was another.  Having Kimberly around gets rid of Emma from my head.  Now I don't hate Gia, I do like her but Kimberly has her charm.  After 40 episodes, I dropped off and didn't bother to watch beyond that.

Now this is a Mega-Chick!

Then later on, Megaranger is part of the therapy because of the word "Mega".  Megaranger itself for me is a real masterpiece involving teenagers with attitude fighting invaders.  Chisato is miles above Gia and Emma one way or another.

So far, the craziness was just something and I'm glad I didn't land in the hospital.