Why Haim Saban Isn't Guilty of Legalized Theft!

The real life Kosei Kougami... sadly turned into Mr. Krabs!

The accusation is getting tired of purists who keep insisting that Saban is guilty of legalized theft when the truth is HE IS NOT.  One has to use their common sense, not think from their heart on the matter.  One, as of current I dislike Power Rangers but I do not hate it, maybe because of the bad comeback it had with Power Rangers Samurai or majority of the Kalish era.  Now Saban is back but it's a shaky ground... hasn't Toei found another interested person?!


Let us define legalized theft first.  It is theft made legal within government positions like Kill Henares.  That is, it was made legal by the government.  For example, legalized theft is when any money from the government treasury is misused by the government to pursue its personal agendas.  Kill Henares and Butcher A-Bad are both legalized thieves because they get legal protection from the Nobita Administration.

Credits for Power Rangers, TOEI is included

What Saban did is not legalized theft compared to what Kill Henares does in the Philippines.  Although he writes "Saban's" for Power Rangers, he has paid Toei and the WHOLE BOARD agreed to the Saban/Toei deal (both are all about the money).  Yes, Saban owns the Power Rangers name and so does Toei.  Toei allowed Saban to produce Power Rangers with whatever resources available.

Well this is the truth that Kenji Ohba wants us to know!

Again, it's a test of common sense.  If Saban just plastered Toei's name on the credits of Power Rangers without their permission or use footage, costumes, etc. without their permission, Toei would have sued Saban to oblivion years ago.  Besides, if Power Rangers were a parasite then it would have sucked Toei dry.  However, Saban pays royalties to Toei which again, is ADDITIONAL INCOME FOR TOEI.  As long as Toei gives Saban permission, Power Rangers will go on.

Since I don't like it as of late, I just choose not to watch it.  I mean, Power Rangers is part of the menu of Toei and I treat it as "less spicy curry" while Super Sentai for me is the "more spicy curry" which I love.  As said, I may not like Power Rangers as of late but I still respect its fandom, not its fantardom.