The Sentai Extremists vs. Power Rangers Extremist War is Getting Too Old and Not to Mention OUT OF HAND!!!!!

The fan wars is getting old and not to mention CANCEROUS... the comments from both sides are giving me cancer especially with their childish agenda of getting rid of Power Rangers, calling it bootleg and well you know what I mean... or some Powtards too.

I'm amazed that a lot of other people who are carrying out the fan wars are ADULTS?!  I can understand if it were a group of toddlers but ADULTS?!  Come on, I've heard that the leader of this movement is already 28 years old and the other officers are in their late 20s... doesn't that sound really freaking childish?  I can understand why I was a Sentai purist back in my teenage years, it was only because I didn't know any better.  These guys are already ADULTS and they are still acting like a group of children like the writer of that Gokaiger vs. Samurai hate fic.

Again common sense, COMMON SENSE.  Power Rangers is also part of Toei and like it or not, if it were bootleg, Toei would have sued Saban into oblivion.  I know Saban also created really trashy productions like you know, Saban's Mashed Rider looked more like a terrible, terrible fan film but it was still legitimate.  However, when Kenji Ohba was interviewed, he DID NOT admit Power Rangers was bootleg, merely "recreated" then he thanked the people at the end of the video for attending the Power Morphicon.

Again, do I need to define bootleg?  Bootleg means UNAUTHORIZED reproduction.  How can Power Rangers be bootleg IF first, Saban had the contract with Toei.  Toei allows Saban to use the costumes and footages.  Okay, I will admit Power Rangers Samurai looks like a bad fan film but it's not a fan film, just a badly done show but it's still legitimate nonetheless!  It's cheap quality, yes but not bootleg.  If Power Rangers were bootleg, Saban would have already been sued by Toei into oblivion years ago.  Instead, they did not and they even granted him the Zyu2 footage to continue Power Rangers before allowing him to use the Dairanger footage.

Saban cannot be guilty of legalized theft like the fellows above (No Direction) because one, his operations with Toei are perfectly legitimate.  Legalized theft happens when government officials misuse public funds, legalize any unethical financial transactions and the like and Saban is not part of that scam at all.  Saban has been abiding with Toei's contract... deal with it.  Power Rangers is certified legitimate, it does not have ANY copyright infringements nor legal theft procedures.  If those Filipino Sentai purists want to really attack legalized theft, they should focus all their rage energy towards No Direction, not Haim Saban.  I know Saban's cheap but he hasn't committed the offense of legal theft compared to the members of No Direction.

At the latest Lexington Anime Convention, some cast members of Zyuranger and MMPR have met in PERFECT peace.  That's David Fielding (Zordon) who has done a pose with three of Zyuranger's cast members.  Last year, Yuuta Mochizuki met Austin St. John.  They weren't there to avenge themselves, they were there to join in with the happy family.  No warm reception?  Ha!  To be honest, they just keep taking things out of context one way or another.  The three actors will appear in the Karan Ashley show too.

If this doesn't look like a warm reception, both sides are just talking things out of context for their convenience.  Yuuta Mochizuki shook hands with Austin St. John.  If MMPR were bootleg, then this would have not happened.

Not to mention, again, James Maclurcan went to meet the Go-onger cast in Japan.  Oh just think, if that picture above doesn't look a warm reception, I don't know what does?  To be honest, both shows are just fractions of the real deal, just that I like Super Sentai miles above Power Rangers.  While I do sound like a purist because I express my dislike for Power Rangers but I do not hate it.  The fact I dislike Power Rangers as of current is just my OPINION but I can't say I've really disliked the show because I still rewatch old seasons but I don't want to continue watching it as of late. =P

I could also start mentioning about some of them who even use the girls as a basis for the fan wars.  Sad to say but that's true with some of them.  I always thought about the whole, I really love to poke at possible denials as much as I hate to deny it.  The meme above is my favorite to make fun of purists.  Now don't get me wrong, there's a lot more Super Sentai girls hotter than Power Rangers girls but you cannot deny the denial mentioned by my Mako meme above.

Besides, what's wrong really if I admit this out loud a MILLION times that I like Kimberly over Mei even if I like Zyuranger over MMPR.  There's nothing wrong with it.

Also for that old argument Power Rangers is a parasite because it cannot exist without Super Sentai?  Tell me then, has Power Rangers really leeched out the blood out of Toei?  No!  Toei has allowed Power Rangers to continue so the company can earn more money from the American audiences.  If Saban should violate any conditions in the contract, Toei can revoke his very rights from him.  However, as long as Saban abides by the rules and agreement, Toei will continue to honor the contract.

I will just confess that I considered the past two to three years really horrid for both Super Sentai and Power Rangers.  While Ninninger is a revival for me (and hopefully it will get better in spite of a few bland acting issues from the newbies), I am having biases on Dino Charge though I haven't seen it yet.  I'll probably continue with Kyoryuger (but I better get medication ready) and ToQGer wasn't helping me either.  I love Yasuko Kobayashi's writing but ToQGer for me made Gobusters more watchable (and I may consider rewatching Gobusters now).  At the same time, I'll admit that I wanted to let the Tokyo Bullet Train run over ToQGer, Kyoryuger, Samurai and Megaforce at once because neither show really helped me out.  A bad show is a bad show regardless of genre.

Again, enough is enough!  Besides, I don't need to please those two groups, they are a waste of my time.  True I prefer Super Sentai, I am not really a fan of Power Rangers (but I'll watch it with my peers or fo the sake of comparison and I respect some reasons) but as said, it's time for me to find something else to do.


  1. Amen,Sean! I liked Power Rangers and then when I first saw Super Sentai back in 2009,I liked Super Sentai as well. Azrael's agenda is very childish on his part. I think both shows are awesome and I will continue watching both Super Sentai and Power Rangers. I enjoyed Super Sentai! I got Zyuranger on DVD and can't wait to get Dairanger on DVD as well! I believe Super Sentai is an excellent way to educate new Ranger fans about the history of the Ranger series! Azrael obviously has issues.

  2. Finally someone spoke about this subject. I enjoy both Power Rangers and Super Sentai. It's really annoying for two diffrent fan bases arguing over which is better and the truth is, neither is better as both have their strengths and weaknesses. I own all the whole set of Power Rangers episodes. I';m happy to own Zyuranger and soon to be released Dairanger.

    Yes Power Rangers hasn't been as good as it was since RPM and honestly DinoCharge is an improvement.

    If the actors from Power Rangers and Super Sentai can be civil why can't the fans?

    1. As of late I am neutral on Power Rangers now... but I can still watch some of the seasons that do well with me.

      Yes, both sides have their strengths and weaknesses. I'll admit there's a lot I can name from both sides.

      Other stuff, I am currently more into Kamen Rider for Toku but I feel like my Toku vibes aren't as strong as they used to be, except for older school.


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