My Strange Dream of Marrying The Haruka Suenaga Lookalike, Jetman Style!

For any dream I find to be the weirdest and well, just impossible is me marrying someone I know who looks like Haruka Suenaga.  The marriage would be impossible considering that me and her don't really get along that much.  But I did dream of her suddenly falling for me, my former rival being jealous and me yearning for my so-called first crush.  Everything just started to fit in to which really freaked me out.  The dream was a few years ago with me yearning for my so-called first crush and when I became Gai Yuki courting Sakura in a way but I'm probably more Ryu than I can ever be to Gai Yuki.

What I did dream was that I soon found my so-called first crush dead, me wanting revenge and me just wanting revenge on Radiguet (it was very Jetman themed).  I found myself in my desire for my revenge.  Not soon enough the Haruka Suenaga lookalike started telling me, "If the woman you loved see you like this, how is she going to feel?  Do you realize she told you to erase her from her mind, from her heart?  You are just a vengeful person right now, not the warrior she loved."  Then I began to see myself slowly moving on from the tragedy that hit me realizing that there's more to life than revenge.

The next one was more or less a modified version of Jetman's final battle.  Instead of me piloting Jet Garuda, it was my former rival who sacrificed himself.  Radiguet explodes taking away the Jet Garuda in worse shape.  My former rival dies a hero's death compared to Gai Yuki's lame death.  So in a sense, I was not only being comforted by her, I was also comforting her on the loss of my former rival which resulted to a more sensible epilogue three years later.

Not long after, three years passed and we became a couple in between.  I proposed to her, we both fell for each other and we got married.  Yet in my mind, was my former rival who had died in battle in the final battle to save the Earth from Vyram.  It was time to exchange vows and we both finally started our married life.  We both realized we were meant for each other and some of my peers were there, while we mentioned that it's too bad my former rival had died in battle.  We all kept having him in mind.

In between, my former rival's best friend was there.  He had married some girl in his past.  Not so long after, he still had my former rival in mind saying like, "Well today's the wedding and too bad, my best buddy is already gone."  His wife then says, "Don't worry, he's already at peace no matter how you say it."

In a bit of surprise, my late former rival's soul appeared to give his greetings.  I was glad that he could at least, visit us for our wedding.  He gave his blessings from a distance before he disappears yet again.

At the same time, I saw my so-called first crush's ghost bid me farewell giving her blessings.  She also disappears as well.

Well a year or two had passed, we both started hearing from our friends.  Not soon after, we started reviewing the events involved in our lives as Jetmen.  Later after we recalled every event including the death of people dearest to us, we both attend to our baby we named after our fallen but never forgotten teammate.  Then we start going out into the park talking our baby for a walk.