I'll Continue Going Against The Yulin Festival For Public Health Concerns!

I am frequently disgusted at the thought of eating dog meat maybe because I'm a dog lover.  However this is more than just a personal issue to why I am against the Yulin Festival aside from the cruelty, it's also for the public health concern. It's not just about me and pets, it's about public health concern. You can go ahead and argue "But it's tradition." but as said, certain traditions must drop and I am glad that the Chinese government is taking action.  Meanwhile, it's best to keep an eye on Stinky Soliman because she might use dog meat, gutter oil and fake rice as relief goods for any upcoming disaster.

So what's with me and Yulin?  I hate to say it but civilized Chinese are losing their beloved pets no thanks to inconsiderate people who kidnap pets for no reason but to please their cruelty.  I really also thought about the HEALTH CONCERNS as to why Yulin Festival is also bad for public health.  It just reminded me of why I'm against monkey meat and other forms of meat from animals that produce rabies.  Dog meat is more harm than good based on this study I have found.  Dog meat spreads rabies, cholera, trichenellosis and not to mention antibiotic abuse.  You eat the dog, you get the rabies and cooking DOES NOT kill rabies.  Many people who think that dog meat is good for you are severely misguided.  If a dog dies of rabies, cremation is the only way to safely get rid of the body.

China had shown some signs of going against the harmful practice of eating dogs.  From CNN, here are some nice facts to know about China's changes:
  • Guangzhou's 51 year old meat restaurant was shut down by the Chinese government.
  • Beijing has more people rejecting dog meat.
  • Dogs are more and more popular pets in China so hence, hopefully Yulin Festival will be completely illegal.

Again, some people just don't do research.  If you ask me, my main reason for doing against dog meat is not about pet loving, it's all about public safety.  I also salute the brave Chinese woman Yang Xiaoyun for saving 100 dogs from becoming food, hence cutting down the chances of spreading the harm of dog meat to the human body.