More Ramblings On Mortal Kombat X's Delay... FOR THE LAST GENERATION CONSOLES!

One thing is certain, Mortal Kombat X did postpone the PS3/XBox360 release and I am expecting it around fall.  Now I know I am disappointed but that's part of life.  The first release wave happened with the PS4/XBoxOne versions and as far as concerned, Netherrealm Studios had done that practice in the past with Injustice Gods Among Us.  Injustice had its game released on April 2013 for the current generation and late June 2013 for the last generation consoles.  So that I can understand especially downscaling the graphics for PS3/XBox360 will definitely not be easy.  I would rather suffer delays and HAVE A WORKING GAME than having it released then, I don't really get a satisfactory game right?  Hopefully all will go well and revenues will be good for Netherrealm Studios.  Cancelling the last gen releases may result to a serious lawsuit as many have already pre-ordered.  I hope that the rumors will be dispelled and the game will go on as scheduled.  I hope it will either hit on late June or the latest should be August.  I could wait for a reasonable delay, just give me a working game ASAP not a non-working game right now! 

Now just for a bit of everything, I still need to address those STUPID IMMATURE TROLLS who currently own a PS4 or an XBoxOne who are still picking on those who can't afford.  Somehow I wonder how old are they?  Seriously?  I can understand children picking on each other for not having what the "cool kids" have but come on, why are you ACTING like elementary school children?  COME ON SERIOUSLY GROW UP!  I guess you were the same trolls who attacked other children when a child couldn't afford the Dreamcast then cry, "WAH THE DREAMCAST IS DEAD, MOMMY I WANT A PLAYSTATION 2." then the same cycle goes on all over again when the next generaiton comes out.  I just wonder, do you ever even still have enough money for your needs?  I may be planning to get a PS4 soon but I may drop off my wants to focus on my needs.  Also when I have a wife and children, I don't intend to let them be pampered like the cool kids... I'd give them a working PC, two have a strict limit with video games and I don't want them to have friends who would only like them for the stuff they have and not for who they are so when the next cool stuff comes out, they grow up buying it with their OWN MONEY rather than beg from me.  What I also need to address is this that the trolls are already saying, "Well bad news, we've confirmed it from Ed Boon." and well, they post a rather badly done meme.  Some of them are even telling Ed Boon to cancel it.  I am thinking why haven't they grown up at all?  

I also thought of my practices that I wouldn't immediately buy a console when the release is still hot.  For one, I bought a Playstation 2 and a Playstation 3 on DISCOUNT RATE and two, by then I would have already known all the cool games on a discount price.  A cool game wouldn't easily lose its coolness.  Just think, I can still enjoy Mortal Kombat (2011) even when I played the Komplete Edition only last 2013 and the game came out on 2011 or Tekken Tag Tournament 2 on 2014 when the game came out on 2011.  A cool game will have its legacy... even if you don't buy it immediately (I waited for the discount hahahhahahha) but if a game is SOOOOOO COOL, you can still enjoy it right?  I would admit that buying a game on discount had saved me more money and not buying stuff just because I have the money, has given me extra savings.  All I can say is, "Even if I have the money, I don't need it.  Better wait for a discount." would be how I should be living my life.