A Few Of My Favorite Pork Intestine Dishes!

I have noticed that I have my love for pork intestine dishes where it's normally served in either Filipino style, Chinese style or Japanese style.  After eating at Yakimix with their smokeless grill, there was one moment that brought back my memory at a Filipino grillhouse (forgot which one) which was namely having pork intestine barbeque.  I can't really say the style was uniquely Chinese or Japanese, it tasted more or less similar to Filipino-style barbeque while Chinese barbeque and Japanese barbeque were available at the buffet.

Another of my favorite pork intestine dishes had to be Taiwan's famous pork intestine soup.  It has a sticky broth that was produced by slowly simmering the now prepared pork intestines.  Seasoned with salt, pepper and eaten with vermicelli and some peanuts, it creates a really tasty dish.

Chicharon bulaklak is part of the pork intestine.  My preference is, don't fry it BROIL IT or GRILL IT.  I am yet to think of how it tastes when it's grilled.  I have tasted it broiled, I don't like it fried but I'd love to taste it grilled.