When Will Dog Eaters Learn that Dog Meat Is NOT HEALTHY?!

I started to think of the the biggest reason why I am against dog meat, it's for health reasons.  So I started to look for consequences.  Now one can argue about pigs, chickens, cows and ducks but they are different from dogs.  Pigs, chickens, goats, cows and ducks were always raised for food purposes.  Dogs were raised not only as pets but also as guardians, companions and rat catchers.  I always thought that dogs having problems like the frequent need for de-worming, the need for rabies shots and the like should at least raise a RED ALARM that compared to farm animals raised for food, they are not even suitable for consumption.  Pigs DO NOT develop rabies nor are they all that susceptible to worms as dogs are. 

The stupid people in Yulin can go ahead and defend that "it's tradition".  Some stupid Filipinos can go ahead and defend that it makes good pulutan.  Again, should you keep a tradition just because your ancestors did it?  Let's say your many times great grandparents were involved with cannibalism and human sacrifice, should you still keep it because they kept it?  Tradition itself is a poor excuse to keep a stupid practice especially if it's something that leads to dire consequences like a very high chance of stroke, gout, tapeworm, internal bleeding and the like... would you still keep it just because your ancestors kept it?  

I'm also disgusted to think how many people lost their pets just for some stupid festival that's best called a torture festival.  Even if I were not owning dogs but I am disgusted at how stupid people can be.  Even with medical warnings, they still want to keep their tradition.  That kind of stubbornness is also a reason why some parts of the world suffer from the ill effects of cannibalism like the kuru disease, causing people to get crazy.  My only wish is that China will run over Yulin with battle tanks and whatever vehicles they have after they save the dogs and completely make dog and cat meat illegal.  At the same time, the Philippines should even make a hefty fine for such an offense.