Round Two?! Hee hee... Which Girl Group is Hotter?

Well I guess there's a little bit more "indirect competition" between Rin Takanashi and Ciara Hanna to who is the new Amy Jo Johnson.

First we have Rin Takanashi (leftmost part) with what seems to be her idol group.  For me, only she stands out here though though the one next to her kinda resembles the kind of girl I tend to stalk.

The second picture is that of Ciara Hanna ahd her friends (she's the second girl from the left) with a group of girls.  So yeah, I haven't heard Ciara Hanna is part of an idol group or anything but this picture does have its hotness though imo only Ciara Hanna here really stands out.

My vote?  My brain blows up! XD


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