So You Wondered What the Ending of These Classic Games Were... Don't Bother!

Yup there were probably some 90s kids like I am who may have sucked at these loop games.  Here are a few examples of those games...

Pacman was one. Really I always wondered why this game never ended.  Answer is it NEVER had an end, you just needed to beat a high score!

Yi Ar Kung Fu by Konami for the NES was another.  The game had the main character Lee face off against five different characters and when the final boss is beaten, the difficulty raises up.  Man that sucks.

There was also the Popeye game which looped itself back when stage 3 was beaten.

Magmax had four stages whic repeated itself all over.  Despite the badass cover, the robot here almost shared resemblance to Grand Birth from Sharivan.

Yup those were the days when games were fond of repeating.  In the Tekken series, a ghost mode was later made for endless playthrough until the player chooses to quit by going to the menu.


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