Mortal Kombat X: To Pre-Order Or Not To Pre-Order?!

Right now I feel like Ryu struggling in between his real self and his evil self when it comes to pre-ordering Mortal Kombat X....

Yeah I know I'm gushing over the reality that the game I am waiting for at least two years is out.  And I am now ready to want this game but I may have my needs first.  I mean, I may have money to buy the game (much better than that 1D concert) but, I do need my needs to be met.  I was thinking of the fact I have to wait until summer for the PS3 version.  I can wait... but somehow I want to pre-order so I can play as a depowered Goro.  Again, what if there will be a Komplete Edition right?

The intial cost may cost me PHP 2,667.73 if I pre-order.  I would have to be conscious about my spending because it's not all the time I have the money.  I mean, I can be jealous of those who pre-ordered but they can also be jealous of those who didn't.  


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