Too Identical?! From One Era to the Next- A Replacement Look-Alike?!

It seems there's one era to the next...

It's not as freaky to auntie and niece Emma Roberts and Julia Roberts... but Emma Roberts is prettier than her aunt IMO.  Julia Roberts is now aging gracefully even if she smokes at times.  Hey I wonder how will Julia Roberts look like when she's growing older than she is right now?  It freaks me out Emma Roberts hardly looks like an adult to me... and while she was thirteen, she looked younger than thirteen.

Maho Maruyama and Yui Koike from Japan.  I did notice the resemblance but didn't want to talk about how the two would look like mother and daughter.  I guess Yui Koike could cosplay as Maria sooner or later.  Wonder why didn't Gai Yuki comment on the resemblance?!  LOL!

I think Taiwanese Jerry Yan in the past looks like a younger Chin Han.

or this...

Georgia Jagger looking like a MUCH YOUNGER Bridgitte Bardot as if she's the granddaughter of the seventy seven years old former star.  Sadly IMO Bridgitte Bardot's current appearance makes her look like she's a hundred years old when she's only seventy-seven.  I hope that kind of aging doesn't happen to Georgia Jagger and she'll age gracefully.

Or just these just my mumbo jumbo eyes disorder guesses...

I would like to say from Ursula Andress down to Pamela Anderson... then to who?

Or I guess Rin Takanashi does cause unintended nostalgia to MMPR fan boys considering she and Amy Jo Johnson do have a few similarities but you can tell who is who though.  These are from two different countries of the world though. :P

It's just freaky!!!!