My Struggle with Insanity...

I just thought that I do manage to struggle with my tendencies to become insane like Galvatron in the Transformers cartoon.

I tend to think I'm invincible and to shoot everything, as a means to resolve problems.  That is "I won't give up this battle until I finish you off for good!"

Banging my fist on the table whenever I'm angry... which makes me destroy almost anything like shooting a TV screen. Believe me, I have destroyed a TV set just seeing Miley Cyrus!  I've also done this during times of even constructive criticism to who only wants to help me.  Talk of Cyclonus being bashed by Galvatron.

Oh yes I can be like this.... I just get mad at almost everything.  Well I guess my madness is too hard to understand, even a trip to a psychiatrist's office only resulted to a wrecked office.

I can be very difficult to talk to.  One way or another, I doubt it a mental hospital can contain my fury!

An insane desire to destroy just almost anything that offends me.  Crush this!  Crush that!


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