The Weirdest Things I Did as a Child Who was an MMPR Fan!

So people by now know my guilt trip of MMPR as a kid and the fact I had perverse tendencies back then.  I was around nine when I saw MMPR and I just had my stupid fantasies.  For one, that whole crush on Kimberly back then was out of control.  While I was aware she was a fictional character, but at the same time I kinda wanted a girl who looks like her.

I rememered the MMPR trading cards and stickers.  I did have my own allowance back then.  I had an adequate allowance for me to learn to save money.  But there was one time I wasted it on MMPR trading cards and Kimberly stickers.  Hehe, I remembered having gone through one summer break with almost rock bottom no money... and my problem of being spendthrift didn't go away until I was in College.

Another one was my sister's two no longer around dolls.  She was around three or four that time, I remembered stealing the Kimberly doll from her a lot of times I had to be disciplined.  Which was pretty weird and I was so messed up in the head.

Just some weird stuff I've done before!


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