Gracie Dzienny Should Have Been CJ Parker?

I remembered getting excited for a Baywatch movie and boy was I disappointed for really stupid reasons. What I can't deny as a child was that I watched both Baywatch and Mighty Morphin aired on ABiaS-CBN. If it wasn't the Power Rangers movie where Kimberly was nowhere as hot as the original (and that's a dumb reason) then the same happened. I just felt like 2017 sort of killed my childhood in part.

What's the stupid reason again? I could name it with the actress playing Cassie Jean Parker or CJ Parker for short. It's that the actress Kelly Rohrbach is nowhere near as hot as Pamela Anderson prior to all those stupid surgeries. Now I have my wishful casting.

Call me crazy but I thought Gracie Dzienny shuld have been 2017's version of Cassie Jean Parker. She does kinda look like a young Pam in some way. So really, why wasn't she cast as CJ Parker?


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