Dealing with Japan's Education System... A Few Reforms!

So far I am impressed with Japan but the sad fact is the education system can be bridged to the extreme.  So what do I propose for its changes.  Here are some:

  • Five day education but longer schooling hours.  That is from 8:00 A.M. to 5:00 P.M. schooling.  Saturday should be devoted to homework exercises and tutorials instead of classes.
  • Avoid the cram sessions as much as possible.  Instead go for tutorials for lessons that students struggle with great difficulty.
  • Avoid being too education crazy.  To be honest, that Liveman episode focusing on Goh Omura was so well written it should be a warning against parents.  We have to avoid parents like Wataru Asami from plaguing Japan.  As said, I believe fiction is one's way to reveal frustration and truth.  Super Sentai is fiction where reality blends in to our minds too!
  • Find out where the child is good at and send him/her to where they are good at.
  • Oh yeah keep the Sentai spirit.  In Sentai, you have different members with different talents so focus more on their strengths and don't force them to master their weaknesses.

Well I guess that's that!