A Business is Not a One Man's Success

It's a shame really to think that some people think that business is a one man's success.  Contrary to such stupid thinking, a business is no one man's success.  A business regardless of its registration is a result of collaboration with one another- not just one person.  A business has its boss and its employees.  After all, great entrepreneurs like Tony Tan Cak Tiong are no supermen, they are but ordinary humans who worked hard with OTHERS to become the great Jollibee company.  Kings are never kings without any subjects.  An empire is not an empire without any kingdoms under it.  So why ever think a business is a one man success?

Here's how the success works- many people have their real life character flaws as so to no man can be alone. In business it's all the same.  Not everybody can be the leader.  Some people are destined to manage all their lives so it's insane to even dare to dream to usurp the leader.  In a group, everybody changes everybody.  Some who started off as rebellious in some way reveal they've got a good guy in them.  Some who are cowardly become courageous because the group helped.  Each one learns to stand on their own yet each one also works together in an entire business organization.  In short, there is NO use picking a fellow business associate all because of mistakes they made.  If everybody helps each other in the right way, nobody needs to be fired at all!