Why the Krusty Krab Philosophy Fails in Real Life

Here's a business rambling to why the Krusty Krab Philosophy may not work.  Okay his patties may taste good in the show but in real life, there are a LOT of problems to deal with like:

1.) Mr. Krabs' system of underpaid labor does not motivate anyone.  If Mao Zedong's Communist system of underpaid labor ruined China, it can be true to businesses.

2.) He's being too stingy with maintenance factors which leads to a lot of harm.  Here are a few instances:

  • He tried to sell a spoiled patty fearing he would lose 0.65 cents vs. to the fact he lost a lot of customers trying to serve them that!
  • His Krusty Krab commercial is totally stupid.  It's funny only for a gag show but it's worth making fun of for any business student!
  • He never allows the drain to be unplugged.  Seriously more stupidity!  That can infect multiple customers with various diseases!
  • His daughter's birthday party is far worse than the ones I celebrate.  At least my food is edible!  It may be an outdoor party but I do make sure everything is clean and edible!  Mr. Krabs will get you sick from attending the parties!
  • I doubt it he really cleans the Krusty Krab properly.

3.) Mr. Krabs also runs a greedy system that only focuses on earning money, forcing customers to buy his food and doesn't think of anything else but MONEY.

4.) Also he de-motivates his employees to the point Jim his best frycook left.  That's SO NOT RIGHT!