Types of My Impressions of Physical Beauty

Here are my types of physical beauty that give me certain impressions:

The childlike, sweet innocent type fit to play a victim.  Sally Martin does fit this category which IMO, makes her sweet to look at.

The antagonistic look... makes you think she's a vixen!  Many Sentai chicks these days look antagonistic!  Sigh, can't any of the actresses play any more villainous roles too?  Rhian Ramos Howell playing an antagonistic part is HOT!

Or the funny type. Rin Takanashi's beauty plus her role as Mako communicates more laughter than fear for her BAD COOKING in script.  Heck, I guess a lot of people who don't know Rin wouldn't know her real character can cook.  How many kids watching cooking shows with her as a host would start to think she's a bad cook?!

The youthful looks which if they age, may make them look 60 at 70... Emma Roberts still looks like a teenager to me!