My Guilty Pleasures on Beauty Appreciation

Here's where I get creepy... by showing my guilty pleasures of beauty appreciation... and they're younger than I am and they're in order:

Emma Rose Roberts- She's top one in this list.  Hmmm why do hot white girls have to be that hot?  Okay I didn't notice her blooming until much later in her career.  Question is though she smokes at times but still looks young?!  Honestly she doesn't look much like an adult to me.

Rhian Denise Ramos Howell- This half-Welsh, half-Filipino girl is too hot to handle but not as hot as Emma Roberts IMO.  But still hot.  I hate what her lousy ex did to her. :(  When she's older, I kinda expect her to look like Gloria Romero.

Rin Takanashi- Saw her in Shinkenger and well I got a serious burn on my skin.  LOL.  I have to admit that her hotness reminded me of my crush on Kimberly back when I was a child.  I could not comment

Gracie Dzienny- Quite wrong since she's only going 17 this year (one more year to go, phew!) but I admit she's blazing!  A ten year difference can't hurt.

Georgina Wilson- Half-British, half-Filipino beauty and niece to aging beauty queen Gloria Diaz.

Esther Liu- She's my favorite soap opera actress no doubt.  She's really IMO the hottest China chick on showbiz and she's my ideal date.  She kinda looks like a prettier version of...

Haruka Suenaga- Saw her in Boukenger and found her attractive.

Crystal Liu- She's one of China's most popular prime time princesses on the soap opera genre.

Erika Toda- I heard of her from "Tea Fight" and she does have gorgeous appeal.