My Top Picks for Most Unique Beauties of Different Eras

I'll do a list of classic beauties from childhood to their replacements. Hee hee, it would be very bad not to acknowledge those who had withered away because without them, new bunches of flowers can't be there! Now for the different eras in no particular order:


Taiwanese actress Liu Xue Hua. Too bad she never had a child of her own but good thing she adopted at least two to inherit her late husband Deng Yu Kun's estate so it doesn't go to waste! Lately she's still pretty and she managed to keep her amazing figure for quite some time! She could actually play as Liu Yi Fei's mother.

Joan Lin- Jackie Chan's wife. She's one of those ageless beauties. I've seen her later figures... though she lost her figure due to age but she's still pretty. Hmmm too bad she and Jackie Chan never had a daughter together.

Bridgette Lin... Qin Han's old love flame in the past. Lately she's still pretty even with all the signs of a senior citizen. Sad to say her daughters don't have much of her appearance considering her husband Michael Ying looks like Jejomar Binay. Fortunately, none of them look like Nancy Binay.

Vilma Santos- Though now a politician in her 50s, she's still pretty. Hmmm too bad Luis Manzano doesn't have a sister.

Zhen Xiu Zhen_ Not to be confused with Liu Xue Hua. Aside from her spectacular performances as the leading lady of the 80s, she does a lot of roles well. What was pretty amazing was that in Meteor Garden who would have guessed she was really a middle aged woman?

Ge Wei Ru- She's a real classic beauty, she kinda looks like my mother in her younger days. So far, I thought she should have played as Ken Zhu's mom instead in Meteor Garden II!

Yue Ling- I would say she's one classical beauty.

Gong Li- Though she's pretty much older now, but she still looks gorgeous.

Late 80s-90s:

Pamela Anderson was probably the hottest model of her day prior to her severe disfigurement. I've seen some older videos of her and she was damn hot. Too bad, now she sucks big time with all her disfigurements. What also sucks all the more is that she doesn't have a daughter who looks like her either.

Kanako Maeda- My favorite Super Sentai girl. She was just too hot. =P No knowledge of her family life as of late.

Natsuki Takahashi- I bet a LOT of fanboys cried when got married. =P

Vicki Zhao- This China babe really looks too young for her age, in fact can't believe she was 34 when she got married and is now a family woman.

Amy Jo Johnson- Fanboy days with Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers though I've quickly outgrown that show. =P However I considered her the Henshin beauty goddess of my childhood. I just thought I wish she married sooner, so sad she got married so late but at least she's got one child and it's a daughter now! Ha so the fanboys had all the time to savor huh? XD

2000s era:

Georgina Wilson resembles Natalie Portman but is the hotter version... any Jedi Knight might betray his vows of celibacy for her! She would make a good Padme cosplayer.

Pace Wu- First saw her in Meteor Garden, she and Esther Liu COULD have acted as a sibling team. Can't believe she's in her 30s!

Zhang Zi Yi- Chinese beauty, really hot. But I thought it's too bad she broke up with businessman Vivi Nevo because they were already engaged but maybe it wasn't meant to be.

Penny Lin- She's my crush in 100% Senorita, hopefully she's now married. =)

Tammy Chen- Saw her first in Lavender where her character died and in later dramas, she LIVED. Is she dating Lee Wei? Hmmm it could be possible they're now married.

Liu Yi Fei- She's a classic Chinese beauty. In fact, she's the hotter version of Brigitte Lin.

Esther Liu's really that pretty. I think she's the prettiest Chinese star ever.

Nao Nagasawa. I really got hooked with her beyond Hurricanger. I dunno when wedding bells will come for her but hopefully it's near so I can laugh evilly again. I just wish she will have a daughter anytime soon.

Ayumi Kinoshita- Now married, all those kids who had a crush on her are crying. Bwahahahahaha!

Rin Takanashi- She's just blazing gorgeous. I can't handle it. I dunno, she's just too pretty and sexy. I might mark her the fairest in this list!

Emma Roberts- Too bad she's easily dumped. Hopefully not this time because if I can't have her, let somebody make her happy. Just want her to be happy.

Rhian Ramos Howell- Sigh why does she like older men? Then again I'm being a hypocrite in saying that considering I'm right now wooing a girl who's nine years younger than I am!

Vanessa Hessler- As of late, she's a mother already with her boyfriend Gianni Gunnari who is old enough to be her father . Hmmmm... I hope most of her DNA made it into her female offspring. Hopefully her daughter will look more like her as well.

Victoria Justice- I'm not that much fond of Latinas but she's probably the exception.

Maaya Uchida- She's the reason why I watch Akibaranger.

For Ciara Hanna, I'd also enter her here. But as of late, I really haven't thought highly of her.

Suzy Bae does look like Maaya Uchida!

Gracie Dzienny after she turned 18 started blooming into a real beauty. As of right now, I even think she's prettier than Emma Rose Roberts. In certain angles, she resembles a younger Pamela Anderson except she's naturally blonde. I feel like after her Nickelodeon days, she may have become the most beautiful woman I've seen for the meantime.

Bella Thorne at 18 years old is really looking really pretty. I'd say she's really a pretty unique beauty herself. She does have that childlike innocent look with her as well.

Remember beauty is in the preference of the beholder. So some lists may even shock me too but they're your picks!

Updated: February 13, 2016