Evolution of Fanboyism Anyone?

So far, there's been the trend of fanboyism.  Maybe I might discuss some of the childhood evolution of fanboyism from the late 80s to the early 90s to the current...

The hot bombshell.  In the past before those really annoying surgeries destroyed her, Pamela Anderson was just plain breathtaking.  Lately there's Vanessa Hessler who's a potential filler for her.

Well I guess this is another for those Super Sentai/Power Rangers fans or whatever I don't know how to even classify such people.  So far I might want to think about the Amy Jo Johnson fandom (I don't know how the Reiko Chiba fandom was) which I was a part of... guilty!  Well, the fanboys grew up and probably began to drool at Ayumi Kinoshita and had their hearts broken last year.  There's probably Rin Takanashi who I'd say is unofficially the new Amy Jo Johnson and the other unofficial is Ciara Hanna.    I've got two pinks and two yellows here for an illustration.