Who I Think are My List of Overrated Henshin Hotties

Don't worry I like them all but here's some Henshin Hotties I think are getting "too much credit" from the more open-minded fans, now prepare to drool hard while I refer to them by their fictitious characters in this specific ranking:

1.) Kimberly Hart- I would admit the actress portraying Kimberly Hart namely Amy Jo Johnson is just hot, well even in her later years she's still kind of pretty but of course it's time for her actress to step back and make room for new hotness.  I wouldn't call her the prettiest girl in the 90s, there were others prettier but she's too overrated for me even if I'm a fan.  Even I have overrated Kimberly a lot with my rather opinionated and subjective statement, "She's hotter than all the Power Rangers and Super Sentai girls."  Hee hee hee.  Hmm she's so hot that she attracted Skull for some time and at one time, Lord Zedd mentioned her beauty but good thing for her it didn't linger long.  I'd say I was saddened when she left Power Rangers because I was drooling at her because Amy Jo Johnson arranged for departure.  Stupid huh?  But it just gave me a shock she shared the same name with the dub version of Hikaru from that awful Bioman dub.  For me, I think she's the most overrated Henshin hottie for the 90s fanboy and I hated that Dear John letter. =P  However some have begun to eventually change their minds about her and shift to Reiko Chiba though that's their own beholding!  I would probably say she's the most overrated in this list!

Note: The actress Amy Jo Johnson left MMPR to pursue better careers but it seems some of the writers didn't take it so well.  For me, the whole Dear John Letter incident was sort of a "payback" against the actress by shifting her character to bad behavior maybe because of the fact she left and wouldn't renew her contract.  Ever since, the Tommy/Kim pairing was severed into obscurity though fan fics seek to bring them back together.  She also had appeared in several movies like Perfect Body or in Flashpoint where I can't believe she was already in her late 30s due to her appearance!  She's currently married to Oliver Giner and has one daughter Francesca though she was 38 years old that time but hardly looked like it!

2.) Mako Shiraishi- Hee hee, I should really add this in.  Mr. Smith calls her "overrated in the looks department".  I would say she is really, really that hot to handle that even during the weaker middle of Shinkenger, I was just staring at her even if every development wasn't as good as it should be.  I would really say that the actress Rin Takanashi when she first appeared gave me the impression she was somewhat an Amy Jo Johnson-lookalike or for me, she was so gorgeous I stuck through Shinkenger.  So what's the real point?  I thought for Rin Takanashi's mixture of East/West features and even if she doesn't dress up like Kimberly does in MMPR, she's really still a sexy distraction.  She was really a rare beauty if you ask me, one that beat off all the other Sentai chicks that passed by her for me.  Spike would wish he were in Shinkenger instead for her.

Note: Rin Takanashi after Shinkenger still made some returns in Tokusatsu as a guest where she appeared in one of the W films as Miina (a former villain).  She also appeared with Tori Matsuzaka in "Love for Beginners" where her character is the main antagonist towards Emi Takei and she is one of Tori's admirers.

3.) Gia Moran- Well it's been quite some time since somebody THIS HOT entered into Power Rangers.  Power Rangers does "suffer" from a lack of Henshin hotties compared to Super Sentai but Gia's just smoking hot.  Now for some stuff, I think Gia's an interesting character due to her beauty and brains concept but more on the balanced brain part, her hotness is just a bonus.  I'll even dare say she's hotter than Moune though I'd think the latter is still cute hee hee.  Well it's probably her vs. Mako now in the hotness battle but it's too early to decide but I'd put her in top three.

Note: Before Power Rangers, the actress Ciara Hanna had a minor guest role in iCarly as well as Big Time Rush and a contestant in America's Next Top Model.

4.) Jasmine Reimon- She's another one and well it's safe for me to assume that when her actress Ayumi Kinoshita got married, a lot of people had suffered broken hearts hee hee.  Me nope, I don't like older women though I won't mind dating one if we can get along.  For Jasmine she's really blazing hot, some may even call her the hottest chick over all Power Rangers and Super Sentai in the place of Kimberly.  Mr. Smith even thinks Jasmine is that hot, I'd agree with most of what he thinks about her except for the crown part!  I'd say I was disappointed she didn't get enough screen time in Gokaiger as a guest though she was the Triceratops Dopant in W, it was fun seeing her become so badass.  Some argue that her and not Mako should be the Sentai beauty queen.

Note: She had appeared in other roles like the main character in Uramiya Honpo though she still made occasional Tokusatsu appearances such as Aya/Triceratops Dopant in W and a short appearance in Gokaiger.  Her husband  who she married last year is a fashion designer.  Well a lot of those who had a crush on her are now crying.  Bwahahahahaha!

5.) Nanami Nono- You'll probably have to admit it that Hurricanger's Nanami is one really hot chick, I got magnetized into that season for her.  I mean while Tori is kinda cute but Nanami's smoking hot.  Blazing!  But nobody should ignore Tori for her.  I'd say I like her acting a lot in the later years like how badass she can get.  I would admit she's still for me one of the best kickass females though I'm a bigger fan of Shu Qi and Karen Mok than she is in the realm of action cinema.  I guess she's another of those girls who are so appreciated shallowly rather than the fact her character is better than Sally Martin's who I still think is a good character.

Note: The actress Nao Nagasawa's appearances as guests in Kamen Rider W (as Invisible Dopant), in Fourze (as a schoolroom teacher for two episodes) and well in Gokaiger can be fan pleasing. =P

6.) Sakura Nishihori- Maybe, maybe not just being iffy but I'd say she's hotter, WAY HOTTER than Rose in Operation Overdrive.  No offense Rose fans but I think this way okay?  But I'll say while watching Boukenger, it took me a second to third round of rewatching that show before I got to appreciate its theme because Sakura is too distracting!  Also she does look like the hotter version of Momoko if you ask me.

Note: Too bad the actress Haruka Suenaga doesn't have MUCH projects after her role as Sakura Nishihori.  To be honest, her later roles weren't so good after Boukenger.

7.) Momoko- Well maybe every 80s Henshin fan was probably a huge fan of her.  In my opinion she's the hottest 80s girl!  While I'd say Hikaru and Haruna were both pretty but I think Momoko is pretty hot.  My crush on Hikaru wasn't anything noteworthy.  Despite having lesser screen time, is she only looked at as a beauty item than an awesome character?  I would probably put her at seven here.

Note: The actress playing her Kanako Maeda has some really hot swimsuit pictures.  I also thought her guest appearance in Jetman with Yasahiro Ishiwata much made a speculation they were married.  But all I know is that she's married to a stuntman and is in retirement.