Why Spongebob Squarepants Should be Cancelled Already?

Don't get it wrong, I discovered I still like Spongebob but I thought it's really best to cancel him already.  Here's my reasons:

No character improvement.  I would really say it's very boring to see Spongebob all silly and NEVER passing his boating exam (What in the world are the writers thinking?!), Patrick's just getting dumber and Squidward well he's really, really still the same.  I thought that Spongebob's driving failure is NO LONGER FUNNY.  Really how can the writers be that cruel?  In the movie, Spongebob could drive properly but after the movie, the same gag is so repeatedly played I'd say enough is enough!  Not even the Go-ongers get that much stupidity- even Sosuke, Hant and Hiruto GET IMPROVEMENT!

Plus it's very overused already.  Shows when overextended become boring and later develop tarnish all over it.  Spongebob started off pretty good a comedy but like the example above, it's become a monument of how crazy the writers have become and corporate greed.  I mean the movie was supposed to END the series but they decided to use him too much.  In my view, only if Spongebob were cancelled way back, I don't think the show would suffer so much tarnish today.  It's been from 1999 and now it's 2013... seriously the show needs to be cancelled already to save the yellow dude.  So in Super Sentai vs. Nickelodeon he retired from show business and is now the owner of the Go-on Burgers.