Caucasian Women DO NOT Always Age Faster

I was thinking about the fact that there's the statement that Caucasian women tend to age faster.  Really?  I would really like to say that premature aging happens anywhere even among blacks who have the best quality of skin!  For one thing, I really thought of these factors that make people age faster among Caucasians because of these prevalent facts that can be true also outside the Caucasian race:

Too much skin tone changing.  Tanning and bleaching I am so against it.  Why should the fair skinned population seek to tan themselves when they're looking good being fair skinned and vice versa?  My thought is that maybe a lot of Caucasians age faster is because of tanning during the beach.

Too much sun is another.  Most people really aren't applying sunblock or something.  I mean, long clothing, hats and etc. are not only meant for carpenters and construction workers... people need to cover their bodies from the sun especially when it's at 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. when the sun's rays are the strongest.  People with white skin are more prone to sunburn than people with black skin.  Then again people with black skin are not exempt from putting sunblock either.

Maybe I should mention about excessive smoking and other related activities.  I really just had a thought that why I dare not smoke is because smoking can age people prematurely.  Some people do smoke on occasion but a severe addiction to it is mightily dangerous.  A lot of white people sadly are smokers.  Then again smoking is a very common vice too even among Easterners.  In my case, I really try to avoid smoking no matter how tempting it can be, taking every other alternative that I can.

Stress.  Yes stress can make people age prematurely if it doesn't kill them young.  I had my thoughts while some old women are still pretty and some old men are still handsome despite the obvious signs of decline like gray hair and wrinkles, stress really can make people look way older that ruins the mood of everything.  Resentful attitudes, vengeful thoughts and being the perfectionist are among a few that causes people to grow old faster.  I guess the stressful lifestyle people live in the West is another contributor.

Overall I hope I have shared my thoughts on dismissing vile rumors about Caucasian women always aging faster because even some Asians and Africans age faster as well.