Haim Saban Should Give MORE Credit to Super Sentai Writers

I don't want to say this but Haim Saban's being well-liked even if he's a cheapskate like that guy in the photo making me think whether or not Mr. Krabs is really based on him since people love Mr. Krabs (except Squidward) for his delicious Krabby Patties just as children love their Power Rangers.  Moving on, while Power Rangers Samurai was painful to watch but I could respect it for but at least Jonathan Tzachor credited Yasuko Kobayashi.  I've noticed some Power Rangers seasons are crediting the show they are based on like Wild Force credits Gaoranger but still, Saban should credit the writers who took the time to write the shows so maybe that's why Judd Lynn left Saban.  Why?  Because without them, Toei won't have anything to lend to him to franchise.  Hmmm... quite cheap isn't it?  I wonder if Mr. Krabs ahem Mr. Saban is just in for the money.  Shinichiro Shirakura who's currently a producer at Toei for mostly Japan (who knows he might have been part of some of the legitimate adaptations too) might actually drive him nuts if the suggestions are too expensive considering most of his sets are so flashy. =P

So what was the message behind Akibaranger's episode called "Import Delusion" with the parody of "Powerful Rangers".  I don't think it was intent to kill Power Rangers, no Toei gains money through Power Rangers (So why kill it?) but it's probably a red flag to Mr. Krabs ahem Mr. Saban to stop being so cheap.  Naruhisa Arakawa may be very frustrated at the fact that writers aren't getting any credit, only Toei and the shows since they too are very important.  It's times like these that make me want to pretend Power Rangers doesn't exist though it's still very part of me but still, how can Mr. Krabs ahem Mr. Saban be so cheap?  I just wonder how his house looks like or if he can be fooled by a nickel?  Ponder... ponder.  I mean, I would really say most of his shows are pretty much obvious on budget cuts like PR Samurai was.  And to be honest, I really wanted to write a fic where the Power Rangers Samurai killed Mr. Krabs in protest to how horrible their show is before they retire into the shadows living normal lives.