Some Problems I Believe Happened Due to Saban's Cheapskate Practices

I just thought that Power Rangers seems to be a franchise that really suffers from a lot due to how cheapskate Saban can get.  Maybe I can list some of them that could have been triggered due to Mr. Krabs ahem Saban being cheap:

The controversial MMPR Season Two departure.  Hmmm made me think that MMPR's overextension was bad enough.  Then again, there was the "pay dispute".  We do not know a bit why Austin St. John returned.  But it seemed Walter Emmanuel Jones and Thuy Trang left out of pay issues.  I don't want to think Saban was ever in a financial nadir during that time compared to Japan Action Club so there was a much better reason why Thuy Trang left compared to Yuki Yajima for Bioman.  She may have been asked to work without a raise, she had enough and quit.

In between the hideousness that was Saban's Mashed Rider and VR Trippers.  Obviously they were a result of poor copy/paste and not really investing much money to make it any better.  Really hasn't Saban learned from the failure that was Mashed Rider and VR Trippers?

Amy Jo Johnson's departure. Though this seemed to be like she wanted to pursue other stuff, maybe Saban wasn't paying her high enough which is just me purely speculating on what happened to why she left.  She did get a proper nine-episode sendoff but maybe she just wanted to be professional in leaving the set so she can better pursue other careers.  Who knows but I speculate she was getting pissed off by the payroll so she left but tried to avoid the conflict that Thuy Trang had.  So pretty much good choice she made but I thought that the writers wanted revenge on her for leaving the set so they had to do that stupid Dear John letter plot!

Ah yes Power Rangers Samurai.  This might be another one.  So this season really has a lot of bad things I could not swallow aside from poor storyline, bad acting, etc.  I guess these people work cheaper than usual huh?  Maybe.  But really, aside from just copy/paste and lack of originality, it goes to this- it was all but a bunch of copy/paste and recycling old gags like Bulk and Spike (that was so unnecessary) or well, the only positive for me this show was crediting Yasuko Kobayashi.  Sigh didn't Saban even have these guys get some acting lessons or what?!  Should I mention MANY TIMES it really just uses a lot of copy/paste footages rather than film what should have been done?

Power Rangers Megaforce.  Yup I have to agree their wardrobe is so repetitive and plus invitations to old members don't work because of LOW fees?  It's not an easy thing to skip the regular life to make a cameo you know!

I don't know what else does exist but made me think, Saban please stop being so cheap!