Amy Jo Johnson and Her "Successors" in the Fanboyism Kingdom

Here's another of my fanboyish article.  So far, I can't deny I had that childhood infatuation on Amy Jo Johnson but more importantly not her but her character Kimberly Hart.  However after her, Power Ranger seemed to lose some physical beauty value (which isn't really important).  Now for these "successors" and hold on to your noses because you might nose bleed: =P

Catherine Hillard- She became Amy Jo Johnson's replacement for the third season.  Well I may not like her as much but I also do feel she's unfairly bashed at the same time.  In fact, the writers forced her into a relationship with Tommy by making Kimberly do something very OOC- the Dear John letter.

Eri Tanaka- For one, I haven't gotten information on her or who she could be married to (I hope she is).  I had my thoughts on it that after Amy Jo Johnson left, there hasn't been much hotness in Power Rangers for me.  For her character Chisato in Megaranger, she's a sweet mature girl with a passion for photography, some kind of a tribute to Mika Koizumi/Yellow 4 1 in Bioman minus the rebelliousness.  Seeing her, well I hope those Power Rangers fans who also like Super Sentai won't bash PR in Space all because she's hot. =P

Tracy Lynn Cruz- Okay she is pretty but she's among a few pretty characters I don't admire superficially.  She was supposed to be the pink ranger but heck I guess they didn't want redundancy and made Patricia Ja Lee the first Asian pink ranger.  Really, I don't mind having another Asian yellow ranger!  Her character Ashley was the yellow ranger in Turbo and PR in Space which I thought that good thing Power Rangers has decided to stay "closer" to Super Sentai in casting decisions these days like having a new season and new cast every year starting from Lost Galaxy to present.  But personally, I like Chisato better but hey, please DO NOT throw bad comments at her!

2000s-Present, we definitely have Amy Jo Johnson stepping back from the limelight in favor of new talents.  As said, flowers wither and flowers bloom like soon enough, I'll be stepping backwards too! =)

Mika Katsumura- Well it's been some time since her divorce or when she played as Yuuri.  So I had my thoughts that well, she's not really that pretty or two she reminds me of my ex-girlfriend who I am still friends with.  Moving on, her character Yuuri does seem to be a stuck up bitch of sorts.  In a scale between her and Kimberly, it's very apples and oranges. =P

Erin Cahill- So let's think of Yuuri's PR counterpart.  Some tend to argue who's better, I say cease and desist that argument!  I do find her pretty but I like Mika Katsumura better appearance-wise.  But characterwise, I can't really choose.

Nao Nagasawa- This is pretty much Pink vs. Blue.  I would admit that there are times I tend to like Hurricanger better because of her being hotter than Sally Martin or more importantly contentwise, Nanami being hotter than Tori.  Hee hee, I'm pretty red handed on this one.  Character-wise, Kimberly and Nanami are feminine but are too different, Nanami is more badass than Kimberly and can be more ditzy imo.

Sally Martin- While watching Ninja Storm, I'd say she is kind of pretty but not really.  So she's still the attractive level and some boys find her hotter than Nao Nagasawa, that's their view.  Pretty much, I thought that she and Nanami are more or less the same level as ninja fighters.  Compared to Nao Nagasawa, I am afraid she's being underrated and unfairly bashed by Nao Nagasawa fanboys. =(

Aiko Ito- Her character Rarnu was basically adapted into a Kimberly-type character in Kira (but not entirely).  So I simply have my admission that Ranru for me is almost like a gender flipped Billy Cranston from MMPR but let's just remove the overly geeky side.  Aiko Ito is still very attractive so I guess a lot of fanboy tears happened during her marriage. =P  For a Ranru/Kimberly comparison, hotness seems to be the only thing in common.  Yatsudenwani cried on her wedding.

Emma Lahana- I do find her pretty but her styling in Dino Thunder as Kira wasn't appealing to me so I'd rather watch Ranru. =P  She did have some similarities with Kimberly being able to sing and Dino Thunder had some MMPR nostalgia just as Abaranger had Zyuranger nostalgia.

Ayumi Kinoshita- Hee hee, why do I love to torture my fellow fanboys.  Yup Ayumi Kinoshita is hot.  For her character Jasmine she's a very calm, collected individual with a feminine side.  Jasmine and Kimberly is pretty much another pink/yellow hotness battle.  Spike nearly died on her wedding. =P

Haruka Suenaga- Okay this is pretty much a HUUUUUGE contrast.  Haruka Suenaga's character of Sakura Nishihori would be closer to Timeranger's Yuuri and to Time Force's Jen personality-wise.  Comparing Sakura to Kimberly is pretty much apples to oranges personality-wise since she's no girly-girl, she's like Yuuri and Jen in terms of cold personality. =P

Rin Takanashi- Maybe the "real" successor considering she's that hot.  For the character of Mako, I felt like she had Kimberly's girly aspects more than she was a tough chick.  Hee hee, made me think that she's pretty overrated like Amy Jo Johnson was considering she's too hot to handle.  For a Mako/Kimberly comparison the only things in common I can see are being hot and girly, otherwise Mako's samurai training may have prevented her from being materialistic.  For me she's more like Kimberly done better.  What she has in common with Amy Jo Johnson is that she's hot, sexy, she can sing and have portrayed pink rangers in their respective shows.

Ciara Hanna- I simply like her a lot compared to Christina Masterson or maybe I just like hot blondes.  This is another pink and yellow battle here aside from Chisato, Ashley, Ranru, Kira and Jasmine.  In my own case, I really find her attractive but Rin Takanashi's really too blazing.