Comparing Gorgeous Oriental Women and Gorgeous Caucasian Women Can Be Comparing Apples and Oranges?

Sometimes I do get the comment or comment to myself that comparing the beauty of gorgeous Chinese/Japanese girls and gorgeous Caucasian women can sometimes be comparing apples and oranges.  Well duh... sometimes it is.  Sometimes some people are just hot in their own respects after I got into that moe vs. hot comparison.

Hmmmm here's an honest confession... while it becomes easy for me to choose between Mei and Kimberly, but between Lin and Kimberly it becomes where hotness takes on much different angles.  One's Oriental, the other is Caucasian.  It just does feel like apples to oranges for me at times.  However I've met a half-Caucasian who resembles Reiko Chiba of all people.

Now just some bits and pieces (or NOT) of my superficiality.  Okay it's not really all the time I am enamored to a pretty girl considering that sometimes, certain personalities make me overlook appearances like a pretty girl of good personality vs. a geeky girl of good personality, I am more likely to take the latter since the other may be a good person but lacks the other positive traits that I like in a person.  Then again, it can't always be true.  Now for some of my comparisons...

For Oriental girls, I pretty much would say I usually prefer the pearly white/yellowish skin and black hair pretty much gets to me.  However due to East/West interbreeding, some of them just got to look better.
On the side of attractive Western girls, I really think their rosy white skin is physically superior to the Asian pearly white skin and I like blonde beauties over brunette beauties.    I do find it funny and weird on myself that while I am basically yellow, I tend to like attractive white girls more. =P  However I'll also confess my watching of Super Sentai these days is more of a guilty pleasure because it has more hot girls than most of the seasons of Power Rangers which again is the superficial side in contrast to me watching Zyuranger over MMPR even if I'm not really much into Mei.

Overall this becomes the apples and oranges comparison.  For one, I am more of an orange eater than an apple eater and a matter of personal preference.  Most of the things I've written here are my personal preferences.