Eastern Hotness and Western Hotness

Well I do like both Eastern and Western beauty and I'd like to talk about some analysis.  After moe vs. cute which I felt compelled to do after checking Fantasy Leader's comparison of Kimberly and Mei (who are two different characters) so let's get it on:

Female side:

So I was thinking about that Kimberly/Mei comparison but let's just put moe vs. cute aside for hot vs. hot compared.  My favorite example would be Rin Takanashi vs. Ciara Hanna, no not a real battle but just the hotness comparison.  So Ciara Hanna is a Caucasian hottie and there's seldom the tendency to like Caucasian hotties better (which I can be guilty of) while Rin Takanashi is a Japanese hottie. Confession to confession, I do think Rin Takanashi has Western features which makes me doubt whether or not she is pure Japanese or is she another of those marvelous half-Japanese, half-Western breeds?  As for Ciara Hanna, I was pretty much enamored by her pictures during the Megaforce promotion though I do think Rin Takanashi is still hotter.

Male side:

You might want to consider America's love for buffed up superheroes which was parodied in Akibaranger featuring the Powerful Rangers being overly muscular to be real.  So aside from addressing the ignorance of haters on both sides (which also parodied the concept that PR/Sentai fans think that either side is guilty of copyright infringement).  Compare the males of Super Sentai and Power Rangers... Power Rangers has a LOT of buffed up males.  Rick Medina for one is way too muscular compared to Kaneko Noboru though Keiichi Wada in Dairanger was also that buffed up and so is Tori Matsuzaka but the number is too small.  So I guess in Japan, buffing up heroes doesn't matter as much as the U.S. environment.  Lately it can go to as far as to belittle poor Alata over Troy just because Troy looks "more manly".  I don't know what to say about this either who I'm using as an example.  Poor Alata will get bashed because he looks so frail. =(