My Fun Analysis on Moe vs. Hot

I was thinking about a very old conversation between Chris X and Fantasy Leader on this post at Valsag Fantasy.  I do find it interesting at the same time, it's a guilt trip for me on my superficial side. =P  Now some pieces of comments I'd like to share.
Chris X: "I seriously do not remember asking, well, how long has it been?  All I'm saying is that they just make contrasting comparisons which mostly cater with what the Japanese consider more appealing. And that is... Moe (cute). Kim is not moe, but really really hot, so I suppose she fits well and has huge appeal in the Western audience." 
Fantasy Leader:  "It's been a while.  And you only told me to compare the two, so I did it this way. =P  As for what the Japanese and Westerners think is more appealing... honestly, I really don't know much about what audiences think which characters are cute or hot. Sorry. xD"

Well I can't answer it either but now for the moe vs. cute.  So how does it work?  Moe is apparently used for cute as revealed in this conversation.  But how does it work?  Makes me think there's some of the moe vs. cute which can appear in Tokusatsu which I'll use as examples:

We can have Mei vs. Kimberly.  So I would really agree Kimberly is not on the cute side, she is the really really hot side.  Made me think I find Mei more on the cute side.

Second it might be having the moe on Power Rangers instead of Super Sentai.  In the case of Nanami vs. Tori, Tori's on the "moe side" for me and Nanami is not moe but very, very hot. =P

We can have Moune vs. Gia.  SO maybe there's me finding Moune as moe while I would really find Gia hot.  I like Moune's childlike innocence while I really like Ciara Hanna. =P