Tekken 6: Where It Went Wrong

Compared to Tekken 5, Tekken 6 does have its quirky moments.  For one, while I do still enjoy playing against with a human CPU, however I do have the following complaints to an otherwise fun game:

Why in the world do I have play Scenario Campaign to get the endings?  Sheesh, too much deviation is bad.  Made me me really think only if Namco copied a little bit of the concept from MK Armageddon where the sideline game combines both side scrolling and actual fighting.  I mean, the Scenario Campaign could have been MUCH BETTER if for example you reach the boss, it shifts into the usual Tekken Mode rather than having to beat the frustrating boss with an army of goons near him.  I mean, I freaking think that the whole scenario campaign should actually have Lars do sidescrolling then when the boss arrives, you switch into fight mode like in MK Armageddon's Konquest Mode.  But sheesh, I mean I highly doubt it MK's Konquest Mode method is ever patented... it can work in any other games but maybe Namco just got too overconfident with its success in Tekken 5.

The Arcade Mode feels too much a little like Virtua Fighter.  So after you defeat all the characters, you get no freaking ending. =P

Aside from that, I still won't thrash this game away since it's still a fun game with friends.  However I wish Tekken 7 will be much better than what this offered. =(