Who I Think Are the Most Overrated Henshin Hotties For the 2000s

Time for another speculative round... hee hee.  Now for more...

1.) Rin Takanashi- I would probably say she's still on the top spot.  My reason?  Well she's just freaking hot not to mention she's a revival of the overall sensation of the 90s underaged fanboy of Amy Jo Johnson.  In my case, I am in that boat!  For one, she is really too hot compared to Erika Fong which may cause some unfair biases to credit her appearances over her abilities.  She might be the new Amy Jo Johnson for Tokusatsu fanboys alike.

2.) Ciara Hanna- Okay I would probably want to put her at number one but it's still too early to decide her as top hot henshin hottie.  Megaforce is still new but I think she'll get overrated soon. =P  Will she be the new Amy Jo Johnson for a newer generation?

3.) Ayumi Kinoshita (can anybody tell me her current name)- She was so hot when Dekaranger arrived, well hotter than Monica May.  Maybe for some, she's the hottest of all Sentai/PR girls which I don't find that opinion surprising but I disagree though I still find her hot.  Made me think when she got married, boy I really thought a lot of tears came from a lot of underaged fanboys. =P

4.) Nao Nagasawa- So far she's very overrated ever since Hurricanger and the fact she made guest appearances in Gokaiger, Boukenger vs. Super Sentai, Kamen Rider W and Kamen Rider Fourze is really someething.  She's in fact way hotter than Sally Martin who I think both actresses were turned from struggling newbies into better actresses.  But still, please don't give bad comments on Sally Martin will ya?

5.) Haruka Suenaga- I'd really put her here though I don't find her all that attractive but she is for me, still more attractive than Rhodissa Montemayor.  Hee hee hee.