DLC in Video Games: Why I Freaking Hate the Idea to Pay for Content in My Game... LITERALLY!

I was thinking that with the dawn of the next generation systems after the Playstation 2 then we have the Playstation 3 to be succeeded by the Playstation 4 or we have the upcoming XBox One, I really feel like DLC can be very unethical asking money from players.  Remember NOT all the gamers are adults... and this can result to another gimmie cycle.  So here's what I think: do I REALLY need to freaking pay for ALL the hidden cheats?  Really, I already paid some money for the game and then I have to pay for the cheats?  Come on.  Really, made me think that this practice of DLC can be unethical and might soon erode any company.  

For one, I thought of Angry Joe reviews of how Capcom needs to reconsider its strategies.  For one, I really thought that while it could be profitable but it may not be a long run plan because it might actually piss off gamers because of how MUCH they have to pay with DLC.  So maybe not everybody likes him and some of my fellow critics don't.  I'm not really a fan of him nor do I subscribe to him but for one, I can sympathize with the problem of paying for DLCs because I for one have already saved money to buy the game then I have to pay for its additional content?  I don't mind about DLCs if they were for free but PAY FOR IT?  Really, pity those whose countries can't be registered or two, this is a really big machine for the gimme cycle than just having a console.  Seriously company should think about gamer welfare if they want their pockets to be filled with more money in the long run than just thinking of "instant cash".